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Mahana being built in c.1975 by Atkinson falls into the ‘Spirit of Tradition’ category. She is a biggish girl – 46’ LOA & is pushed along by a 315hp Yanmar.

Ian McDonald commented that he was on board Mahana up Kawau Island some years ago. She was then powered by a big old 6 cyl Foden and was owned at the time by two brothers connected with Rinnai NZ. She is strip planked. Ian next saw her in Picton marina about 2008.

Home these days is the Marlborough Sounds & she is for sale on trademe.

Do we know any more about her past life?

16-01-2023 Update – new photos ex tme listing





10 thoughts on “Mahana

  1. We’re still here in Havelock. Feel free to say hello if you find us on board


  2. When I personally use the term, I’m guided by the NZ CYA that say that a vessel post 1970 needs to be individually reviewed for a membership listing. The CYA in its Classic Register has a category ‘Spirit of Tradition’ where it groups more modern power boats, that are built to an older style / design.
    Manana is not a pure classic in looks, but is still a pretty boat& I’m sure very liveable.


  3. What the heck does the ‘Spirit of Tradition’ category mean to us dog chewed wooden boat fans?
    Is it the spirit of Waitemata Woodys that we have identified two possible builders of the same hull?Which is great as it builds on the ‘Spirit of Tradition’ of this website….
    I always understood a new built yacht qualified in the ‘Spirit of Tradition’ class (in the US only), if its designed looked old on the topsides, but sported a modern keel underwater and a well painted carbon fibre mast topside, and possibly a composite hull with planking lines, so wharf watchers can say they built them really well in the old days.


  4. Mahana—-Looked her over recently,she is now in Havelock Marina, Sth. island. Yes a handsome well built boat,but now in need of serious tlc.,isde and out,best parts are hull and engine.
    John Elliott


  5. she was in milford marina owned by arthur ripley in the late 90s, regulary at the barrier and mercs


  6. I seem to remember a lot of finishing work was done at the McGraths home in Wellington St in Howick (took up most of their driveway), cant remember where the hull was built, (might have been out the back of the panel shop). If any info is required you could try contacting Peter Mc Grath (think he’s involved with 222 Offshore Racing now) He could still have some photos he might like to share of the boat being built. Knowing him, he probably had something to do with the engine work and maintenance, always a top man with engines.

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  7. Mañana was built by Keith Atkinson as his personal boat. There was a writeup in the design section of Sea Spray circa 1973-75. I have a vague recollection that the original engine was a BMC diesel. Her time as BBYC start boat was in the 80’s and maybe later.


  8. Mahana was built by Ray McGrath who was a panelbeater in Panmure. He kept her at Bucklands Beach,and was very involved with the BBYC often acting as mark boat. She was a big boat for the time , good to see is well looked after.

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