Mystery Launch + Lake Woody 4sale


Mystery Launch 02-06-2018

The photo above (ex Lew Redwood fb) was tagged 1962, New Lynn, preparing for boating club picnic, but someone commented that it was more likely to be the Te Atatu Boating Club, either way can we ID the double ender closest to the camera?


Kayla Marie – A Woody Lake Boat Looking For A New Home

I have been contact by the owners of the launch below who inherited this boat with the purchase of their house at Okere Falls, Lake Rotoiti.

The owners have never used the boat, but last time they tried (a couple years ago), the motor went fine.

I’m told that overall the boat is in better condition than the photos show – an engine tune up and maybe a new spark plug and what nots, plus the exterior is in need of a good clean up & paint, But it’s a project.

The thinking is she probably made from kauri, its 7m long. has a Toyota diesel engine in it, bilge pump was going fine last time had going. It does not have a trailer, and is sitting at a jetty on Lake Rotoiti, Rotorua.

The owners are not asking a lot for her – the contact is Juliet 0211810402, or email






4 thoughts on “Mystery Launch + Lake Woody 4sale

  1. Maybe that big double ender in the first pic is the “HAZEL” now laying by the hedge at Hobsonville what say you Harold?


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