Hero Photos of Luanda



Trevor at launch







Hero Photos of Luanda

Following from yesterday’s story on Luanda, Mike Elliott sent in the above photos that show her in her finest, before her ‘enhancements’. These photos were too good to just add to the existing story. She was a quite a looker in her day.

Mike has promised to send us more photos on the Managh family boats.

I’ll give a WW t-shirt to the first correct reply in the WW comments section, as to the ID of the yacht alongside Luanda in one of the photos


Update 02-06-2018 – interior photo below ex Nigel Brown via Ken Ricketts.

LUANDA below


8 thoughts on “Hero Photos of Luanda

  1. Luanda was certainly a good looker, but Ces Watson never designed any thing else but nice. The dozer is a little Allis-Chalmers HD3 powered by Buda as is the truck, an AR 190 probably with a Buda diesel too.


  2. LUANDA is currently owned by Anthony Ruski-Jones of Queenstown, who uses her commercially, & bought her about 5 years ago, off Nigel Brown, of Queenstown who owned her for about 8 years, — ( from 2005 approx until bought by Anthony R-J),– & used her for private, & later, a little commercial use, & took her to the lake from Havelock where she had been for a couple of years or so & belonged to a Christchurch owner, who used her as sort of floating batch, Nigel tells me, during that period, & she only travelled very short local distances, in that time. — ( More details later). She has had 2 x naturally aspirated 6 cyl Ford Diesels, the whole of that time & Nigel B., tells me he believes the original Perkins were replaced with the Fords in the 1970s. He also says the additions to the helm station fly bridge up top were done by Orams whilst she was in Havelock, He says she spent some time in Tauranga before going to the South Island, & believes she may have gone to the South Island from there.

    More info & images – (hopefully with some interiors), — to follow soon, but this is to go on with in the meantime — KEN R


  3. Hi, lovely launch cruises very nicely through the water. What about the International Truck used to haul it. Beautiful !! love that model of International. Thanks for sending us these wonderful pics. Cheers,


  4. She was a cracker and was out and about a lot inter early daze. I always loved the reverse rake on the aft mullion of that fwd window of the saloon. Very stylee and courageous. Just think how she’d look without it.


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