Very Cool Classic Sailing Clinker Dinghy 4 Sale



Very Cool Classic Sailing Clinker Dinghy 4 Sale

I was contacted last week by CYA buddy Dan Renall who pointed me in the direction of a woody that was looking to off load one of his dinghys. Wise man, very few that get bitten by the bug are able to let them go.

Owner Drew Hayward has a classic launch that he keeps in the creek on the way out of Kawakawa Bay. He also has another clinker so has decided to part with this one. 

Details are – 14’, built by boat building tutor, Keith Aitkenson of Carrington Tech. Kauri planks with steam bent hardwood ribs. Her sails are by Boyd & McMaster. Mast is solid Oregon, as is the boom & gaff. Drew commented that as pictured above the hull needs a little clean up – mainly mould.

Anyone interested in this woodys should initially contact Drew Hayward via email A very cool gift for a young woody, so come on dads & grandads – its the perfect way to start the kids off in woody boating. 

Below is a photo from Lew Redwoods FB page that is titled ‘Yacht Racing, Auckland Harbour, NZ – any of the woody yachties able to advise the class of boat & which part of the harbour?


3 thoughts on “Very Cool Classic Sailing Clinker Dinghy 4 Sale

  1. The two in the foreground are, from left, Tom Henderson’s She, and Norman Inglis’ Ikarere. Partly obscured by Ikarere’s mainsail is Olivene, also owned by Inglis.

    And that’s Northcote Point in the background.


  2. OOPs I blundered into replying to this post on the supercharged political post above. Moth to a flame?
    Here’s what I said, now in the the right place.
    “The neat little centreboarders in the postcard are Waitemata Dinghy Sailing Club 14 footers which flourished briefly from January 1908 until most had migrated to Kawhia by 1912. It was the old problem of the racing being dominated by the crack yachtsmen-boatbuilders. However they formed the inspiration for the New Zealand Yachtsman magazine’s one-design fourteen footer that Wilkie Wilkinson commissioned Gladwyn Bailey to design and build during WW1, DESERT GOLD, which morphed into the postwar phenomenon, the Jellicoe Class or X Class 14s.”


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