Mystery Tourist Launch


Mystery Tourist Launch

Todays photo created some chat from Harold Kidd when it appeared on Lew Redwood’s facebook page. Harold commented that the location looked like Lake Rotorua & the launch could have been one of the Bailey & Lowe purpose built tourist launches, built in the 1900>1910 period for Robinson & McIntosh of Rotorua. Harold pointed out the steering position as the giveaway – “not open sea gear” were the words used.

I have enhanced the photo a little to show more of the launches features – can any of the woodys tell us anymore about the launch?

Update 31-05-2018 – I have been contacted by Alice Morrison who is moored beside the vessel pictured below in Tauranga. The vessel’s name is Presto and according to the owner, was built in 1898. She is approx. 40′ (that’s a guess) and made of kauri.  Alice is of the view that she looks similar to the mystery tourist launch above . What do the woodys think?


The  Hottest Trend In Classic Boating?

The answer is ……… owning two boats 🙂

CYA launch dynamo Nathan Herbert (Lucinda) has now joined the 2 boat club. Photos below of the new addition – Pacific (photos below ex Nathan’s fb), being hauled out at Miford Marina. One of my bucket list classics. 



5 thoughts on “Mystery Tourist Launch

  1. PRESTO was built as a steam launch by C. & W. Bailey and launched on 30th March 1898 for Bradney & Binns with a 14hp Simpson & Strickland engine. ELSIE EVANS at Timaru was very similar but built by Chas. Bailey Jr in 1901 with a 30hp Union oil engine instead. She was 42ft x 9ft x 3ft6ins. PRESTO was later owned by H.W. Subritzky in the 1950s. Good to see her afloat still!
    All these early oil launches had similar hulls, straight stem, counter stern etc so no wonder they looked alike.


  2. Further to the subject of tourist launches, would anyone know of the whereabouts or eventual disposal of these Hatrick/ Wanganui River Trust tourist launches? –

    Wai-iti 39’6” tunnel hull 1901 Logan Bros,
    Aorere 40′.2” tunnel hull 1901 Chas. Bailey
    Alert 36’5” screw 1905 Lane and son
    Taniwha 54’0” screw 1907 Logan Bros


  3. The lake boat hull is almost a dead ringer for Huria. (Naomi as she became known).Looks to be about 45 feet as well.So she would be late 1890’s. Is the steering station a hole through the
    top of the cabin?


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