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I have been contacted by Don & Teresa Windley, the new owners of Leisure Hour. Teresa & Don purchased Leisure Hour from master boat restorer John Wright and sailed her from Westpark Marina Hobsonville to her new home at Mahurangi Marinas. Built some 82 years ago she is built strong and has strong standing rigging. Her little Arona diesel engine performed well and didn’t miss a beat on the trip. Don told me that they will continue with the good work John Wright started in keeping this lovely old sail boat in good sailing condition, 1st project being rewiring all the internal electrics. This winter a planned haul out will include masts out which need re-varnishing.

Don thanked WW for publishing Leisure Hours story a little while ago that included some of her history from Harold Kidd. The WW story and the trademe ad helped them to make the decision to purchase a classic they could manage to sail together, as they had been looking for some time. It is always nice to hear that WW is helping people discover the classic wooden boating movement.

You can see/read more about her here https://waitematawoodys.com/2017/12/24/classic-vintage-1936-ketch-leisure-hour/

09-01-2021 Update from Angus Rogers – photos below taken at Gt Barrier Island 2020-21 xmas/ny period


As a bonus today –  below is a link to a 30min video of the Melbourne based classic yacht Sayonara, in Sydney for News Eve 2001 , sent to me by Alan Good – enjoy it’s a cool look back at yachting 17 years ago.



6 thoughts on “Leisure Hour – Update

  1. My family owned Leisure Hour maybe late 70’s early 80’s. I was a teenager at the time right into boats. I was pretty dark when we sold her for a William Atkin Eric class. I took some black and white photo’s when she was on the hard at Pier 21 back then, we had sold her and I went to take some photo’s of Condor of Bermuda and Leisure Hour happened to be there also.


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  3. Pingback: Teddy – Saved from becoming a children’s sandspit | waitematawoodys.com #1 for classic wooden boat stories, info, advice & news

  4. Back in the 80’s I worked in Brisbane and through my work I met Paula Stafford – the designer credited with inventing the bikini. Paula, who lived on the Gold Coast, told me about her father’s boat Sayonara and when I expressed interest she invited me to her home to look at some material she had concerning the boat. This turned out to be a complete set of architectural drawings and many photographs. She thought the boat was somewhere up North – perhaps near Cairns and I made a few inquiries to see if I could track it down. This led nowhere and I had more or less forgotten about it when I took a trip up the Brisbane river on a friend’s boat. I had often noticed an old yacht on a mooring in front of my apartment and took the opportunity to have a closer look. I can’t remember where on the boat it was but the name Sayonara was clearly visible. A gentleman was living on the boat and he agreed to let me bring Paula to visit which duly happened. This involved a row out in a very rickety dingy but we made it. He told us that he had raced against an America’s Cup boat some years before ‘up north’ and won but the boat was by then in pretty bad shape with a pronounced hog. Paula was keen to perhaps set up a syndicate of interested parties to restore the old girl but the owner was not at all interested in selling and sometime later the boat disappeared from the river. It really is quite wonderful to see her in such wonderful condition. In fact it seems like a minor miracle.

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