Tandarra was built by John Lidgard in 1976 in 3 skin kauri (glassed). She measures 42’ in length, with a beam of 12’5”.  The zoom zoom (>20 knots) comes from twin 300hp Ford diesels. Her trademe listing highlights an impressive amount of recent work – both mechcanical & cosmetic.

If you like classics & game fishing, then Tandarra looks to be a lot of boat for the money.

Do we know anything about her past i.e. owners?


5 thoughts on “Tandarra

  1. Tandara was built by Lidgards for the Otterman brothers. They wanted John Gladden to build her, as he had built their previous boat, Meridian, but time frame not suitable I guess.


  2. Was originaly powered by 2 x 120 Ford’s.
    These were removed under John McCullough,s ownership. (They went straight into Gordon Brown’s Lady Margaret without even changing the oils).
    She was fitted with 2 x 200hp dover Ford’s and twin disc boxes from Lees Marine ( the first “pair” of that model engines to be sold in auckland).
    John was a very good friend of our grandfather and I remember going with him to Westhaven during the weekends when engines were being installed. She had no waterlock mufflers and sounded great.
    Current owner installed the sabre 300s after one of the dovers cyl blocks was found to be cracked beyond saving. He also fitted tigerprops and the underwater exhausts etc. I can vouch that she has got some big legs that will very rarely if ever need to be stretched to thr max. Big hp and big props equal big speed so hang on tight if standing near the transom door.


  3. Looks very like my TIARRI, but much narrower –TIARRI had 14ft 6 beam which in my view was about right for a boat of 40 feet — love TANDARRA’S lovely varnish — gives her real presence — have been aware of her since new because of the similarities. — KEN R


  4. Richard Wiles was a recent previous owner. Richard has family ties to Lady Margaret (the Col Wild one). He used Tandarra regularly and always kept her fastidiously maintained with something like 21 coats of varnish on the superstructure! Lovely vessel.


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