San- Al- Pa 45′ Gladden Displacement Sedan Launch

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 9.00.52 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 9.05.38 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 9.05.06 PM

45′ Gladden Displacement Sedan Launch

I have had several woodys alert me to the trademe listing for the above vessel – to date we know that she was designed and built in 1968 to survey by John Gladden. 45′ in length, with a beam of 13’1″ & draft of 5’6″, she is kauri strip plank construction and powered with a 110 h.p. Gardner 6LXA diesel.

Looking at the photos she would a great launch for long distance all weather, economical cruising.
Anyone know more about her ? a name would be good, but we know how insecure the brokers are 🙂
And Something For The Woody Petrol Heads
The Red Wing engine below is on trademe – Built by the Thorobred Motor Company, USA. Thanks Peter Thorpy for the listing heads-up.
Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 7.36.55 am
And Speaking Of Motors – Gardner Wanted
Woody Russell Ward, has asked if I could spread the word around that he needs a Gardner 5LW that is in reasonable running order.
Russel has a new project & it does not involve steam or sails, more on this later.
The engine  that came with the boat is beyond saving so he is looking for a replacement.
I suggested that a sensible person would treat the boat to a six cylinder Ford but Russell likes old engines especially the way they sound 😉

22 thoughts on “San- Al- Pa 45′ Gladden Displacement Sedan Launch

  1. Gus was fishing with Sam Al Pa when Howard was fishing with John Dory. The boats and skippers met at the odd time down at the Mercury Islands. Tom Williams fished with Tamure at the same time, she was also a strip planked hull by John Gladden boat.
    The Hole in the Wall Passage was the hot spot for long lining in the 70’s, 80’s


  2. 6lxb far better engine than the tin can volvo they putting in it will ever be.
    Least they selling it as it came out and not with the green or wotever colour spray can rebuild.


  3. ….and then you have to take on another old boat to fit it into…….boogeldy boogeldy……


  4. That’s a Red Wing Thorobred MODEL built by the Red Wing Motor Co., probably a Waukesha block.


  5. I remember SAN AL PA so very well, in the viaduct basin, in the “good old days,” & she was indeed, the rose “amongst the thorns,” – always painted an immaculate & pristine white, amongst all the old, dirty, untidy, mostly greys & browns surrounding her, & always, with that lovely Gardner, from when I knew her — — met the owner there one day — a really nice middle aged chap. — KEN R


  6. Also have a straight 6 – 671 detriot and marine box and about 60hp ford ? that we took out of Miss Hellen with marine box if people are looking


  7. I don’t know i’d be casting the old “using of other peoples photo’s” chestnut too far there Brian…. Your site has more than a few of mine used with out permission that i’ve never pinged you on.


  8. Maybe it good idea for brokers to get off their arses and go check the details before printing ??. Lw is stamped all over the Gardner. Not to tricky.


  9. Its a shame some people slagg brokers but are ok using the info and photos provided in advertising. All info on listings is given by the owners .


  10. As normal the brokers have details wrong. San al pa has a 6lw Gardner. It replaced a 5lw that served Gus V very well for many years as a long liner. With a 3 to 1 capital transmission she turns a sizable wheel. Sandra Alan and Paul (gus,s children) self explanatory.


  11. Peter Thorpy -were you in Dunedin in the ’60s? That would be a nice engine to have burbling in a lake boat. William Garden used to call it “a boogeldy boogeldy” exhaust sound.


  12. San al pa. Used to lie in the viaduct basin (when there was one) and was immaculately kept by Gus Viscovich (thank you Cameron for telling me this). We always thought she was wasted in there working for a living and the gem amongst the rough little long liners (including a long double ender called “The Needle”. What a gem to have in WW circles. Anyone know what happened to her?
    Over to you, Cameron!


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