Tamahere – A Peek Down Below

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TAMAHERE – A Peek Down Below

Tamahere last appeared on WW back in 2014 (link below), now thanks to a trademe listing we get to see down below.
She is 40′ long & powered by a 85hp Isuzu diesel that pushes her along at 6>8 knots. Its claimed she was built in 1903.

Back in 2014 we were unable to uncover any details on her, there lots of thousands of more WW readers these days, so hopefully we can unearth more on her.
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up.

See / read more here    https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/03/17/tamahere/

18-04-2018 ‘New’ Photos below ex trademe


5 thoughts on “Tamahere – A Peek Down Below

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  2. She’s very like the Tom Le Huquet SAPPHO of 1907 except for the raised foredeck of course, but SAPPHO was only a 36 footer.


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