Another photo from Dean Wright, taken in the late 1980’s at Russell in the Bay of Islands. This time its of the classic wooden game launch – Willie-O.

Who can enlighten us more on this beauty?

03-07-2017 Update & photos below from Michael Best (owner)
Willie Oliver built the Willie O in Tauranga approx 1974. He used her as a charter boat for a couple of years out of Tutukaka. Robin Cutfield from Tutukaka then used her for charter work for many years in the Bay of Islands.
Michael has owned the Willie O for approx 11 years. The enclosed fly Bridge was on her when I bought her (can’t blame him for that – Alan H) Willie O is approx 41 feet long, 13ft beam and 4ft draft. Power is from a 3208 Cat 210 hp. Hull is ship plank kauri with mahogany cabins sides.


12 thoughts on “Willie-O

  1. Bill McCallum from Melbourne here. I have many great memories of successfully fishing Willie-O mid through late 70s and early 80s. Your www presentation fills in subsequent details and is much appreciated. Can you fill in any details re Robin and Trish? Regards, Bill McCallum


  2. What a shame the beautiful varnish has gone from the cabin sides, — it was her crowning glory. Maybe someone will get to work with some energy & elbow grease again one day — hopefully!! – KEN R


  3. I believe this was Willie Oliver’s last launch build, and built for himself.

    Ian McDonald


  4. Was one of the first owen woolley boats built, or was his own boat? Was still in survey 4 or 5 years ago and in good nik.


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