WAIATA II – Sailing Sunday II

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WAIATA II – Sailing Sunday
Waiata II was Snow Waters personal yacht, designed by Alan Mummery, and launched in 1971 /2 – Alan Sexton gave me the heads up on the trademe listing & Alan commented that remembers seeing her around Waiheke Island on their first summer on Tarata.

She was featured in Sea Spray August 1971 whilst under construction. The feature noted that Snow was looking for waterline length, in the Innismarra (or even further back William Garden’s Oceanus) style, ie long (55′) and narrow.

She is single skin strip planked kauri glued with steam bent ribs. No doubt with the 6 cyl. Ford she motors at a good pace too.

Waiata II has been owned by current owner for 41 years in NZ, with the last 3 years being based in the Australian East Coast, where she is 4sale. The current location making her perfect for someone wanting to cruise the Queensland Coast, Whitsundays or further north.

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Mr M Deeble – proof that the early bird does catch the worm, with his 6.00ish entry 🙂

5 thoughts on “WAIATA II – Sailing Sunday II

  1. 1. This WAIATA. I went aboard her when she was under construction by Snow. Alan Mummery was a friend and so was Arthur Benton, Snow’s good mate of many years. Arthur was installing the engine which, from memory was a flat job under the cabin sole, perhaps a Commer TS? A fabulous boat.
    2. The Wellington WAIATA was built in Auckland as MABEL in September 1895 for W. Swinnerton of Stanley Bay. She rated 2 and was mainly a cruiser. C.J Deck of Motueka bought her in 1917 and renamed her WAIATA. She’s been in Nelson, Lyttelton or Wellington ever since.
    The “other” WAIATA was built in 1936 by Miller & Tunnage for the Nees brothers and was still in Dunedin as recently as 2013.


  2. Nothing to do with this post really other than coincidence of name and place, but the old C.& W.Bailey yacht Waiata (ex Mabel c1895) was in the Evans bay Marina for many years.
    I saw here there in 2000.

    I don’t think it was the c1936 Miller & Tunnage Waiata because she looked more like a clone of the older Bailey Thelma/Cooee types. She arrived in Wellington from Lyttelton in 1945 and had been there ever since.
    Your thoughts HDK?

    Waiata is currently on the YNZ registration list as number 305 ‘Logan design’. (!!)
    Why are we not surprised?


  3. Not at all sure it’s the same boat, but one VERY like this was in Wellington fora number of years. Never knew her name, so can’t help much.


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