White Cloud Movie – Leaving The Shed + Launch Day

White Cloud Movie – Leaving The Shed + Launch Day

Today’s post is based around a movie of the launch White Cloud, being shoe-horned out of the Supreme Craft shed at 1a Summer St., Ponsonby & making its way to Fodenway Motors, Penrose for engine fit out. And then the final leg to launching at Panmure in June 1965. The movie was filmed by her original owner, Len Buckby & shared with ww by his daughter Pam Mare via Ken Ricketts.

You can see & read more about White Cloud here

4 thoughts on “White Cloud Movie – Leaving The Shed + Launch Day

  1. J Menzies purchased White Cloud from Len. She was a chartet game boat at Russell. After having problems with the Foden, he replaced it with a 6 cylinder Commer two stroke(flat 3 opposed). He also registered her as a Brittish ship. He also wanted more room, so I designed the bridge deck, fly bridge for him. Gath Lane’s Motor Boat Co made a beutiful job in solid mahogany, including a removable hatch in the bridge roof for ease of engine removal. She was kept on the piles at the end of Walpuna Road. Dad eventually sold her and purchased Charisma. a 36′ Vindex.


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  3. Absolutely fantastic to see such a beautiful launch going through it`s transport, engine fitout and successful launching all in one short movie. To then see the launch cutting beautifully through the water during sea trials is also wonderful to see. Cheers.


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