Kenya (Mataroa) Ready For Launch

Launch Kenya (2)

Launch Kenya (3)

Doorway Joe Slattery's Shed

Launch Kenya (4)

Launch Kenya

Kenya (Mataroa) Ready For Launch

I was contacted yesterday by Rob Ulvel, the owner of Mataroa, (Mataroa was previously named Kenya). Rob sent me the above amazing photos of Kenya outside the Judges Bay, Parnell, shed of her builder, Joe Slattery. The photos & details were sent to Rob by Peter Midgley, whose father Eric Midgley was an apprentice at the Slattery yard from 1923 to 1929, Eric along with Billy Rogers is pictured with Joe Slattery in the doorway of Joe’s shed. Billy is on the left & Eric on the right.
In the photo that shows two men inspecting the launch, they areprobably the Heards. Peter Midgley commented that these photos would have been taken late November 1928 as she was launched 1st December 1928.

To view photos of Mataroa being relaunched recently (Jan. 2017) in Wellington after a refit / make over, click this link’s
Compare the 1928 & 2017 photos & see how remarkably original she is, from what I’ve seen of Rob’s work, I’m confident that when he moves onto Mataroa’s interior, he will ensure that the work is sympathetically done, commensurate with her vintage 😉 You can view & read a lot more about the boat by searching Mataroa in the ww search box.

16 thoughts on “Kenya (Mataroa) Ready For Launch

  1. because I have reached a “mature age” and choose to live alone I am not allowed to have “MATS” in my dwelling, I might stumble and fall, so that puts ladders right out of my reach.


  2. Wow, what a find! Thanks for sharing. Any other Slattery photos? I suppose there would be none pre- ’23 of Pacific.


  3. In 1990 I inherited a box of family photos,many unidentified,along with images of boats my father help build.I started to work through them & these photos of a then unknown launch were among them.
    With the help of Barry Davis,all my maritime photos have now been identified.It is very satisfying for me to pass these photos to Rob.As Ken remarked,it completes the life story of Mataroa.
    My father completed his apprenticeship in April 1929 & like many of his generation,was then unemployed due to the Depression until 1936.


  4. Common sense Is the key. Best we don’t start on about the people in the Westpark marina offices. A special breed.


  5. Removal of ladders is a pity, they will have been stronger than any of the import-only alloy jobs from Bunnings and co. They need only have created a safe use policy for them and made people aware of it. Oh, and as a coincidence, one of the failure analysis team graduated in the same class as me with a BE Mechanical.


  6. The problem with that ladder thing is, its some person in an office not able to think their way around an issue. Someone has identified ladders as an issue, so they’ve decided to remove them and eliminate their hazard. When in reality they should foresee that not everyone has proper ladders and minimised the hazard instead – by securing them to the boat or cradle themselves and making sure people don’t move them. Health and safety doesn’t have to be about barriers to productivity, it’s there so you don’t die from dumb stuff.


  7. It is wen it’s taken too far over the top. Go have a look at the balls up under the panmure bridge and u will c osh and worksafe working to thr finest. Weeks it’s been left like that while sum halfwit failed university student designs a program to sort the mess out. Another example is Westpark hardstand took all thr steel ladders away in case somebody falls off and sues them. So now owners bring half arsed ladders from home instead. I don’t have any time for the tree hugging pc brigade. C


  8. Mataroa under Maurice and Pauline Reynolds was responsible over 35 years ago for infecting me with “CLS” (Classic Launch Syndrome) Jan and I did many trips both with Maurice and Pauline and in accompany with Mataora when we owned Viveen. She was and looks like she will be again the wonderful boat again. She always had an aroma of Diesel. Tar and Smoked fish and it was Maurice who taught me all about motors, boating and smoking fish on board.


  9. What a shame the big slips and site of VOSS just sits thr now waiting for our bumbling council to grant the demo order no doubt. I’m sure we need sum more gastro 18 dollar per hamburger or deep fried segull wing outlets to replace those great slipways. Hmmmm now we cld certainly make use of them. Osh isn’t in my dictionary tho which could make that an interesting challenge.


  10. The boat stern-on in the image with Billy, Joe and Eric isn’t MATAROA of course, it’s the 26ft mullet boat NOMAD.


  11. Strains of formality. Love Joe Slatterys white collar and tie with well used leather apron, topped off with what appears to be a beanie. I guess it was quite common for the boss, regardless of trade, to dress accordingly. Percy Voss was another example.


  12. WHAT A FIND!!– Wonderful to have uncovered the images above, to now complete her life story in pictures. I didn’t expect her life sorry to be uncovered right back to day one. Have always liked her so much.KEN R


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