2, road level

3, Down the hill

8, Taramea at Leasks


Recently I was contacted by Sharon Beer who had seen a comment on ww concerning a fishing boat named Taramea and her wee mishap while steaming north from Auckland with her new owner Mr Rob Clarke.
Sharon suspected that this boat may well be the boat that her Grandfather built in his back yard in Riverton.  Sharon has been trying to contact Rob Clarke to get confirmation and maybe share with him launching photographs of her Grandfathers boat, (Sharon’s father has the original photo album). Also included are some photos of later reincarnations that I Sharon on-covered over the last three years.
Sharon is keen to link / confirm the Taramea connection with her grandfather boat. Any woodys able to help?

Below are some comments that have been placed on a facebook page Sharon started – I reproduce them only for reference as we are unable to confirm the content.

June 2014:
Allan Mcmillan ( Other wise known as ZZ ) purchased her from Timaru around about late 90″s. And gill netted out of Picton for a couple of years before the bank took it away. It had been fully refurbished from top to bottom, inside and out just before he bought her. (That picture may have taken when the work was being done ). After leaving Picton I saw it briefly up on the hard in Nelson. That is the last time I sew her.
April 2017:
From the man who sold it to Mr Clarke, the photos are his.
“She ended up in Auckland named Maureen Anne. I owned her briefly (about 2008) after she sunk at her mooring in a storm. My brothers and i got her running and called her Taramea again.
Was powered by a 6bd1 Isuzu. Sold her to the current owner Rob Clarke . He managed to hole and sink her on his way up north.
Shes mostly restored now and last i heard in his driveway, way up North…. Rangasomething or other harbour….”
And from the brother of the above – “Boy was she tender. Had hundreds and hundreds of lead ingots in her bilge from stem to stern. We took every one out to clean out her bilge and then re-stacked them. Could steam very well tho”.

From Sharon’s father:
“Taramea was her original name . Power was from a O/e engine, then a  2 cyl Bolinder, followed by a 3 cyl National, and next a 4 cyl Fordson, were there any others ?
 Had a name change to ‘Gail I’ and kept at Leasks Bay , Stewart Is. “Hurricane ” John Leask. Powered by Fordson then.”
April 2017
From a fisherman – “Last that I can remember the Gail she had a black painted hull and at Moeraki. Was leaking badly and had a 4 cylinder Ford diesel engine.”



1 thought on “Taramea

  1. Mmmmmmm this boat looks very familiar to me. I will discuss with brother Andrew and he may shed some light on the subject. 😊


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