I have been invited to some very swish boat launchings over the years but the best invite award would have to go to Max Cumming & R Tangaroa for the invite to the  re-splash of their c.1929 speed boat Malaolo.
Malolo was originally built in Russell, Bay of Island by Francis ‘Nipper’ Arlidge & that is where she will be officially re-launched after a 5 year restoration. The work looks amazing & she has already won the Jens Hansen trophy for best vessel overall at the 2017 NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show at Lake Rotoiti, South Island.
The 5.7m Malolo was originally built to act as a ‘water taxi’ for game fishermen in the B.O.I. There are no photos of the original boat, so the restoration was based on the memories of four old boaties who could remember going out on Malolo.
So woodys has anyone got an old photo album / collection from the B.O.I. that might contain a photo of Malolo?
Well done guys & good luck with the big day. Make sure someone has a camera handy & snaps some photos to share with the woodys.

Malolo 1


Malolo 3

Malolo 2

Malolo 4

7 thoughts on “Malolo

  1. Your photo of the Russell Regatta is of an event taken as far as I remember at New Year 1953. I am in it, holding the rope attached to Marlin, which was owned and raced by Mick Glucina of Whangarei. I recall the trip well as regattas were held in Taipa and Lake Ngatu as well as Russell.


  2. Thanks guys it was a superb occasion and especially so because the original builder’s own son Clive Arlidge was there and several of the whanau of the old chaps who helped us so much with their elephant-like memories of riding in Malolo as kids! We’re looking forward to some late summer picnics and getting to a few more Woodie events next season. The Flying Fish flies again! PS: Thanks for passing the word re old photos Alan.


  3. Saw her early on in the wood shed, she is a credit to Max his partner and the team, and so great to be owned by a Russell boy.


  4. Nice restoration. When I was a kid we had on the lawn in Kerikeri a twin cockpit speedboat like these, likely was one from the b+w Russell beach photo actually. I think it got tossed on the fire.


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