I have recently been sent details on a couple of old girls that look like they need a home &/or some love.
The photo above was sent in by Murray Deeble & in his words is ‘currently pretending to be a dairy cow & needs saving as she has quite a history’. Just what that history is, Mr Deeble has not disclosed, so can any woody enlighten us? She is located at Kakaramea, in South Taranaki (near Patea).

The vessel below, we are told is a 1930’s kauri built launch that has been sitting in a dry shed for the last 10 years as an unfinished project. Her interior has been gutted out & there is no engine. Sadly as a result of a deceased estate she is available for the sum of $1. Pick up is ex Wiri in Auckland. From the photos we can see there is a nice hull – anyone looking for a project or some kauri? Thanks to Greg Skinner for the head up.


13 thoughts on “‘Waifs’

  1. Looks a little like the Barra Dee before Barry put more on top, are we sure that it is the same vessel? The bow looks so different…


  2. Fleetwing has only recently gone to Kakaramea from Paremata (on the back of a truck) and the new owner (an engineer) is planning to restore her when he makes room in his shed. She was in a pretty poor state when lifted from the water with almost half a tonne of crud removed from her bum with the aid of a spade.


  3. I recognise her from her early tram top pic & she used to have one of those “rope” circumferenced circular plaques on the bow with a “K” in it, & was kept at Westhaven for years, not far off the AMYC dinghy sheds in the 40s. — No flying bridge then of course. — Was always beautifully kept in the 40s-60s. Looks terrible with that present top — unrecognisable almost –KEN R


  4. The vessel pretending to be a dairy cow is FLEETWING (Collings and Bell). Previously discussed on WW.


  5. Fleetwing is certainly a sight in green. Second boat looks horrible with that cabin, she had such great lines previously.


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