I was contacted recently by Alice Morrison with the news that she had just bought a 1960 (circa) Billy Rogers sedan launch named Taurima. She is 36′ & constructed of double diagonal kauri. Unfortunately the previous owner didn’t know much history about her so Alice is hoping that some of the woodys out there can shed some light on her?
She is obviously a sister ship to Margaret Anne  https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/10/03/margaret-anne-2/ , both very lucky boats as they both have lady owners 🙂

So woodys can we help Alice?

14-02-2017 Update ex Alice M – She has a 110hp Lees Marine Ford. The previous owners were Kevin & Bryce Thorne from Whangarei but the vessel has been moored in Opua or Jacks Bay in the Bay of Islands. I have asked Bryce to find the contact details of the owners before him. All he knew was that it used to be in Auckland where the owner used it to take him from the city to Waiheke all the time.

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  1. Thanks Andy, I recently got a call from Murray Addis who built Taurima with his Father in 1961. We have been talking about catching up so I can learn more and so he can see the boat again. I’m very excited and have a lot of questions! Thanks so much for your help. Alice.


  2. He probably will hate that I’ve posted this but my father in law is the son of C.G Addis, he helped build Taurima I believe. I’ll try to get him to add some info here.


  3. Hi Daryl, I wonder if you could contact me please at alice.morrison3@gmail.com or 0211183035.
    I hope you are well. Just wondering if you found out any more information on Taurima?
    Does your father have the name and contact details of the owners before and after him? Also, do you have a photograph of Taurima from that time? Before and after the steering station addition would be amazing! Did Taurima go on any long voyages outside the gulf?
    If your dad has any stories (good, bad, fun, scary) about voyages or fishing trips (and the catch) on Taurima that he would like included in the logbook, please pass them on.


  4. It’s so nice finding someone who has owned her! I would love to hear more about her refit and where she was based during your fathers possession? Do you know who he bought it from or who he sold her to?


  5. The information is very stale, but her owner in 1973 was Charles Gordon Addis of 8 Kendrick Place, Blockhouse Bay, Company Director. Unfortunately he died at Tutukaka in 1986 aged 68. His wife Evelyn Cora Addis died in 2008. There are probably children but I’ll leave that search to you. At least it’s an uncommon surname.

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  6. Hello all! I don’t believe she was built by Billy Rogers – rather that she is a Billy Rogers design. I don’t know who built her. Would love to find out!

    Harold Kidd: Thank you for the information. Do you happen to have C.G. Addis of Blockhouse Bay contact details?

    Daryl Brighouse: It’s so nice finding someone who has owned her! I would love to hear more about her refit and where she was based during your fathers possession? Do you know who he bought it from or who he sold her to? Feel free to email me: alice.morrison3@gmail.com.


  7. Just a thought….TAURIMA means “Five Years” in Maori; maybe an amateur took five years to build her????


  8. Having now looked more closely at the images in “the light of day” I don’t think she was actually built by Billy R at all, especially with the comments as above, as to the differences in the shape of the 2 sides in the bow area, — Billy would never have built a boat like that, also, she is too “stiff” looking, doesn’t have the Billy R “flow of line” or porthole style he used in other boats, in the flare, & doesn’t have the Billy R “look” in the bow & flare to me. — KEN R


  9. A small bit to add – my father Russell Brighouse owned Taurima for quite some years after selling Makura. This would have been some time around 2000 – 2005. It was bought as an easy use family boat that could be used and enjoyed without the fuss that went around our other boats. During the partial refit in the shed at home we came to suspect that she had been an amateur build, as viewed front on the forward sections of the hull are definitely not symmetrical – one side gently curved while the other side is almost straight. The boat was a great family boat for years and a huge amount of fun and enjoyment was had by family, grandkids, friends. Very little history was available as to who designed her or built her at the time of purchase although we did indeed suspect it was a Billy Rogers, however regardless she proved to be very solidly / well built, very easily handled and was in the family until dad had a stroke that put the end to his boating.

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  10. All I have is that she was owned by C.G. Addis of Blockhouse Bay in 1973.
    I’ve never heard that Billy Rogers built her.


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