Marangi – Sailing Sunday + CYA Events Update


MARANGI – Sailing Sunday
The photo above of Marangi is ex the September 1910 edition of the NZ Yachtsman magazine, sent to me by Ken Ricketts.
The photo (9/10/1910)is just prior to her launch in Auckland, where she was built at the Le Huquet yard. She possibly went to Wellington. Can any of the woodys enlighten us on her details & history?

A Little Boat Porn
Check out this video of Rosemary III, designed by William Fife III & built in 1925 by William Fife Fairlie. waterline length is 25′ (38’6″ overall) with a 8’6″ beam. The video shows hr sailing in Falmouth, UK in early December 2017, post a very sympathetic restoration by a relative of William Fife III. For sale for NZD$520k – makes the Logan – Little Jim, a steal for around 25% that price – enter Little Jim in the ww search box for details.
Enjoy 🙂

CYA Event Updates – Update Your Diaries

Don’t always believe what you read – 🙂 there have been several changes to the CYA launch / cruising calendar.

  1. Firstly next Saturdays (18/02) lunch cruise to the Riverhead hotel has been cancelled. But there is a replacement event – an overnight raft-up at Fairway Bay (Gulf Harbour), we did this once before & it was a lot of fun. Note there is a tight window for entering & leaving the basin (gate/boom) so refer copy of CYA newsletter below for details.
  2. March 3>5 is the dates for the CYA Yacht Regatta, this year on the final day (5th) there will be a Launch Parade, just prior to a cruise to the Riverhead hotel.Full details in the newsletter below.

RSVP for these events to


4 thoughts on “Marangi – Sailing Sunday + CYA Events Update

  1. Marangi is well documented. Owned by Carl Jackson here in Wellington since the 1990s. She is a consistent campaigner, still winning offshore races and harbor races. She circumnavigated the South Island ca 2008. Basic history and some photos here:
    Videos of here sailing along the south coast of wellington in 2009 during the Mana/Picton race on my youtube channel here here:

    She had a woman owner up in Auckland whose story Harold knows well


  2. Like all Le Huquet yachts, she was much prized in Wellington and Lyttelton. Until Percy Thode brought her back to Auckland in late 1937, she had been top boat in both Wellington and Lyttelton. In Auckland she was allotted the sail number A21 but remained gaff rigged. Thode sold her to W. Sutherland of Devonport in March 1941 who kept her moored off Queens Parade Devonport in front of his house. Sutherland and his brother Angus were the builders of JANET and WAIONE of course.
    Sutherland was severely injured during the erection of the scaffolding for the seating at the Naval Base for the Royal Visit in 1952 and died. He had rounded up all the local lads to help and I was there when it happened.
    After that, organised by Lincoln Wood, we Shore rats helped Mrs Sutherland sail MARANGI. Many of us cut our teeth in keel yachts on MARANGI with “Ma” Sutherland or on Linc Wood’s Harrison Butler MEMORY.
    Pauline and I looked at her to buy off Herald Island about 1981 but bought LOLOMA instead as more manageable.
    Although MARANGI left for Wellington in the late 1990s, she has spent most of her life in her port of origin and no doubt will return in a few years.
    How she can have any form of mystery to Aucklanders I cannot fathom.
    A most gorgeous yacht and certainly Ted (not Tom) Le Huquet’s greatest work (possibly apart from the equally stunning JEANETTE).


  3. She is much travelled and went to Wellington around 1914, to Lyttelton in 1931, Back to wellington in 1937, then a few months after her arrival, was sold back to Auckland. She went through a series of owners, incl Brian Waldron/Walden? 1963/65+? who entered her in the the 1964 Onerahi / Noumea race. She was up for sale in 1998 and may have left Auckland soon after. .

    Either way, by 1992 she was back in Wellington again. Her current owners have had her some time and came up to Auckland for one of the Classic Yacht Assn’s regattas a few years back.

    She was (probably still is) in Chaffers Marina in Wellington.


  4. 1: Marangi. Assuming I’ve got the right Marangi (Was there more than one?) IIRC she was taken in one of the early Noumea races, possibly by Brian Walden, and was later, briefly owned by an old friend, Lloyd Porter. I have no knowledge of her being in Wellington – but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t 🙂
    (I stress the “IIRC” in the above!)
    2. Rosemary III. An absolutely beautiful creation. Her plans are in one of Uffa Fox’s books, and I think, reproduced in one of Roger Taylor’s “Good Boats” series. The lines are worth drooling over (I wear a bib when looking at them 🙂 ) and an example of the work of a master at the height of his powers.


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