Lady Noelene





Lady Noelene has been a ‘rolling restoration’ for the last 4+ years & while still not complete her owner is on the down hill slopes. We do not know much about her past but she is powered by a 6 cyl Ford diesel. The photos are a mix of several people over the years, with the most recent ones, at Greg Less’s Sandspit boat yard, from Ken Ricketts.

Can any woodys expand on the little we know about Lady Noelene ?

6 thoughts on “Lady Noelene

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  2. In my opinion the flybridge addition doesn’t offend. Makes her more user friendly. Gets away from the noise of Henry Ford beavering away under the boards too.
    Plus it’s a lot more pleasing to the eye than 90% of the Tupperware tubs that markline, formula, salthouse etc etc all spat out of thr factories. Working down on the marinas I don’t even bother looking at the “plastic bathtubs” as they all look the same. At least when I come across an old girl no matter wot addition she’s had I always have a second look.
    These are only my thorts tho.
    Enjoy the xmas holidays. C


  3. If she’s LADY NOELENE not LADY NOELEEN then she was on Trade Me a couple of years ago as “Dick Lang, 1951” which looks possible.

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  4. She did indeed take many years to get to this point in her restoration & had a change of ownership long the way.
    She also belonged to the Mortons, (Harry) of Bon Accord Kawau for quite a l long time, Immediately before the KOWAI, — They sold her when the bought KOWAI — refer recent KOWAI post — KEN R


  5. Agree, the restoration is closer to 20 years. She was in a shed at Beachaven for many years and if I remember correctly was on the market several times during this period.
    She was splined and glassed and looked to be very professionally done. Don’t think the flybridge addition was particularly sympathetic though!


  6. If I’ve indeed got the right boat (?) those top pics of the restoration were at Te Atatatu and the rolling restoration is closer to 20 years. IF I’ve got the right boat 🙂


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