How Much Is My Woody Worth?



How Much Is My Woody Worth?
That’s a question ww gets asked on a regular basis, the answer sadly in most cases is a lot less than the owner thinks. People get confused with ‘worth’ & what some one will pay i.e. the sale price, with classic wooden vessels – for worth think replacement cost, for sale price think less than 25% of that.
As I have pointed out before in NZ there is a growing demand for quality classic motor boats, a high % of this market do not have the skills, time or funds to restore one, so importing will become more appealing.
Today’s post features ‘Wando Lady’ a 1966, 65′ Stephens Bros motor yacht from California now calling the UK home. She sleeps 12 & is powered by twin Detroit V71 12 cylinder diesel engines rated at 495hp. Its on the market for approx NZD$400k (asking price) – I post for 2 reasons – its a great looking woody & I think most of you will be interested in viewing her. Secondly as an indication of whats available on the international market compared to NZ prices.

If you want to read more on her

3 thoughts on “How Much Is My Woody Worth?

  1. Agree with Nathan, another good example a Grand Banks 36 currently for sale in the states twin Ford Lehmans (standard) asking $9000.00 US, 32′ Chris Craft tidy condition $18000.00
    And there are numerous more.


  2. But look on the bright side, new woody owners will use skills of NZ boat builders and marine engineers and electricians to maintain their woodys. That is assuming the new owner can afford it.


  3. I think that’s actually a tad expensive for an overseas production motoryacht. Parimar has been for sale for YEARS and is at about 500 at the moment, all 73 feet of her. The price of this one probably reflects the spec(navigation and amenities) including recent engine replacement.


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