Not sure of the correct spelling, her name appears to be either Taihere or Tairere, but we do know that she is a 32’8″ kauri bridgedecker. Same owner for the past 13 years but in the last 3 years she has had little use & as you can see in the above trademe photos what was once a smart classic is now crying out for some TLC.
She is powered by a BMC 4 cyl diesel. Thanks to Ian McDonald for bringing her to our attention.

What do we know about her past?

9 thoughts on “Taihere

  1. Just sitting at Bucklands Beach, looking at this classic boat, wondering about its history. Sadly looking like it hasn’t moved from its mooring in many years sadly. How old do you think it is?


  2. I have looked closely with a magnifying glass at all the images of the name & I feel it has to be TAIRERE — ( it actually looks a bit like TAIPERE, in the one on the mooring,) but there is definitely a line across the top of the letter in the middle which has to be a P or R. — KEN R


  3. Isn’t the boat’s name TAIRERE? not Taihere? Looks very much like an R to me in those moored pix. Also, that second interior shot has what could be the latter part of her name ….RERE on the port side just above the shelf


  4. I must say that Trade Me is a fertile source of unexpected delights. I wish I could stay away from the Classic Motorcycle section. Hovering about an A10 Matchless right now as a sidecar tug.
    Boats come up on Trade Me that are often grossly misdescribed, with fanciful histories, but that’s surely grist for our WW mill.
    The only records I have of TAIHERE are that she was registered with the APYMBA as MY230 owned by G Oxspring of Riddell Rd in 1959, moored at Glendowie. Zero other detail, no date of build, builder, dimensions, power.
    However Oxpsring later joined the RNZYS and recorded power as “70hp Gray”.
    On 24/12/1965 there was a transfer from Oxspring to I. H. Curd of Bilkey Ave Pukekohe (Cooper & Curd Motors I guess) who still owned her in 1973.
    I would think that neither Oxspring nor Curd knew anything about her origins otherwise they would have entered them with both APYMBA and RNZYS.
    Interesting material and well worth the Trade Me trawling.


  5. If people aren’t interested in what Is send in, then I won’t bother — I don’t want to bore people, or waste my time. Perhaps some feedback on these comments, could be a guide– KEN R


  6. Mr Rickets – trademe is a great source of content for ww. Given its purpose in life i.e. selling things – it tends to have lots of interior photos of vessels & people are very interested in ‘a peek down below’. Its a bit like the house for sale / open home – people are nosy & want to see the normally unseen side of the boat.
    What I can tell you is that while it may not appeal to you, it does to others. In fact posts with a high % of pictorial matter, sourced ex trademe, rate a lot higher in viewing numbers than most of the ones I do from the photos you email in of boats hauled out at a boat yard 😉


  7. I agree on TAIHERE as the name & I also Agree with Harold that it would be nice to see more non Trade Me boats appearing, — The site is tending, at the moment, in my view, to starting to look like an offshoot of Trade Me– KEN R


  8. By TLC, do you mean Tender Loving Chainsaw? Surely folk who love these old-timers understand that the result of any substantial alterations must be the old maxim “to be right, it must look right”? Obviously, the difficulty is to get the appearance of the aft end of these vessels looking right, but so many represent abysmal failure in that regard!


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