Art That Floats



Art That Floats

You could buy the 10m yacht above for less than the price of a decent piece on NZ art & the bonus is that come the weekend & you pop it in the harbour & go can get a serious blast of high performance sailing.
She was built in the Ukraine and rigged in NZ for a Russian billionaire, no expense spared, its rumored that the hull & deck cost over $220k to build).
She has only been sailed at a one week regatta & has all new sails (1 main, 3 jibs, 2 spinnakers.) & equipment.
Construction is mahogany on oak frames with teak decks & epoxy coatings & an aluminum tapered rig.

This Dragon is probably the finest trailer-able classic yacht in the country, pristine in every way. Thanks to Colin Pawson for the trademe tip off.

Now woodys who’s got a $66k & maybe a glassed walled garage 🙂

Below is fine example of what we call ‘spirit of tradition’, the Robert C Seamans is a regular visitor to NZ & hails from the US. She’s used for sail training and research and will be in local and Northland waters until December. She’s currently berthed at Princes Wharf. (photos ex Rod Marler)

4 thoughts on “Art That Floats

  1. Good on ya mate.We race against a Dragon here in Napier on a regular basis in our 1902 Bailey.The boats are proportionally similar ( check out “Janet back in action” CYA website) and the racing is close…there is a small ding in Janet’s transom to prove it.The Dragon’s look great in and out of the water.Happy sailing.


  2. Droo-oo-ool!! Serious baotporn!
    Alan, there’s a thread on the WBF’s “Miscellaneous Boating” section called “Time for a Dragon Thread”. They’d love this.


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