The launch of Albacora


The launch of Albacora

Thanks to Hylton Edmonds there is a very detailed & accurate history of Albacore already on ww (link below). What we were missing was launch day images. Thanks also to Hylton Edmonds for the above photos showing her being splashed in 1954.
Albacora was a McGeady, which is surprising as she was rather pretty, she measured 38′ & was purpose built for big game fishing. Albacora spent the early part of her life in the Bay of Islands & was then freighted to Fiji in 1968. Sadly she was a victim of the 1983 Cyclone Oscar but prior to this she very neglected. Post the cyclone her fate was a bulldozer & a box of matches 😦

Full details here

11 thoughts on “The launch of Albacora

  1. My understanding is, that these were taken by a long defunct publicity organisation of the 1950s by a photographer who must be dead, as also is the original owner, & it was simply not possible to trace either the organisation or the photographer. — KEN R


  2. No, perhaps a misunderstanding. I have them in my collection because I went to source being Hylton Edmonds.


  3. Nice to see them up on ww as I have had them in my collection since last year (2015) when I came over from Australia to research Granddads boating history.


  4. I am somewhat mystified by your comment “Albacora was a McGeady, which is surprising as she was rather pretty,”. Did McGeady not build “pretty boats”?


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