Mooching into Man o War Bay on Sunday I spied the 52′ Deodar at anchor, looking very smart. She was built by Millar & Tunnage in 1960 & is an ex Auckland Police launch.
In 1996 she was converted for pleasure use & recently underwent further work – more details & photos here

8 thoughts on “Deodar

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  2. DEODAR (the name) is a species of Himalayan pine tree and was suggested by the then Minister of Police P G Connolly who during WW2,had commanded HMS DEODAR, a Tree-class minesweeper of the Royal Navy. Just a bit of useless trivia….


  3. 2 Fodens in one engineroom would be more than enough, why inflict four on the poor boat. The twin or siamesed engine was supposedly rated at 480 shaft hp and were a copy of the “Bugatti-King aero engine.(in layout) The Deodar, and the patrol boats gave lawbreakers ample warning they were in the vicinity.


  4. The Fodens were very unreliable i think someone got a big backhander for introducing them into the Navy. We had Grays 6 71s could go round N Z 4 times no problems Fodens you were lucky to get from port to port


  5. Hi Ken she had mk 3 Fodens then mk 6 Fodens then 3208 cats never had 12 fodens. Those 12 Foden were only 2 HDMIs Paea and Mako


  6. Many of us will remember her with nostalgia, in the “Lloyd McIntosh days” when Coastguard was all private launches,” & so many of us worked with Lloyd & his team, as I did with TIARRI, on SAR work, & it is really nice, that she is still more or less the same today, as then, even to the colour scheme.
    She was a slow old horse by todays standards, but boy, was she heavy & solid!!!I
    I had followed her engine history with some interest, & from recall she originally had 2 x 6 cyl Fodens, (which you could hear at Mansion House, as she came around North Head), followed by 12 cyl Fodens, followed by V8 Caterpillars, (have a photo of them somewhere, will try & look it out)which were replaced by 2 new Caterpillars around the time she was sold for private use. — Does anyone know if she still has these? — KEN R


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