A Mystery Launch – Almitra

Anchored in Little Oneroa last Saturday, if I hadn’t  just dropped by polarized Ray Bans over the side 😦  I would have mooched closer & got a better photo so that we could read the name.
It looks like N or H _ _ tra. I’m sure one of the woodys can supply the details on her.

That was easy – its Almitra

6 thoughts on “Almitra

  1. ALMITRA, as is clearly visible, has a single exhaust pipe, out of the bridgedeck cabin top, but she has 2 engines. KEN R


  2. That’s what I was going to say — it’s ALMITRA — was living at Gulf Harbour in 2015 — KEN R


  3. Almitra? Used to be here at Hobsonville-nee- Westpark. Her owner when she was here, Lance, passed away not long ago.


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