photos ex Ken Ricketts

Todays post is almost a mystery boat, we know her name but that’s where it stops. Almitra was recently hauled out at Gulf Harbour & Ken wa able to observe that she has twin shafts / props , so one could safely assume she is powered by twin engines. The interesting thing, which just might be a ‘Ken-erism’ is that she appears to have only a single mast exhaust .

So woodys, someone must know more about her?

Photo ex Russell Ward

8 thoughts on “ALMITRA

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  2. Hi team, one of Lancey’s sons checking in here. Yes, Neil has nailed all the details (of course!)


  3. Almitra has been owned by the Walters since she was built. She was built by Ces Waston from Whangarei Ces and myself worked for Jack he as the mate and me as 3rd engineer in the seventies


  4. Comment from Russell Ward
    “First met Almitra and one of her owner’s sons in Shark Bay Ponui in the ‘60s.
    He said that the family had built her (finished her off) and was inviting us all to a party on board. Can’t remember mush –must have been a good one.
    Seen her around quite a bit since and she was recently in Pukapuka Inlet. She has the McGeady and some Oliver and Gilpin in the look but I know no more.”

    Photo added to main post


  5. Tiny bit of info; in 1973 AYA records she was owned by J.L. Walters of Riddell Road, confirming Neil’s post.


  6. Almitra has 2 Ivicko Fiats at 120 hp. She and Oranoa used cruise to gether. Jack Walters who owned her had South Pacific Shipping Co.Lance took the boat over but passed away this year his 2 sons now have the boat.


  7. She was here at Hobsonville Marina for several years before going to Gulf Harbour. Her owner, Lance, recently, sadly, passed away. It’s been some time since she went up to Gulf harbour, so I’ve forgotten much detail, but it’s possible Ken is right about the exhaust(s); there’s a memory struggling to surface re this, but it hasn’t made it yet.


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