photos ex Keith Munro

Ex Auck Police launch. 52ft x 15ft, Millar & Tunnage, 1960, kauri, twin 210hp Cat dsl s (9 – 16 knts). The older photos show her being restored in 1996 by John Wright & Dave Brown.  The ‘older’ photo of her post re-launch in the water has the launch Alwyn alongside.

Deodar has recently had an extensive refit is back to her former glory & now for sale & quote the trademe listing ‘owners will trade & priced reduced to sell.

There have been books written on Deodar’s life in the ‘force’

18/06/2104 A selection of ‘random’ photos added from ex Deodar crew member – John Elingham’s collection. Posted to ensure they are recorded / stored for the future.

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Also below – a few from John of the ill-fated Wellington police boat – Lady Elizabeth

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  3. Edward, do you know anything about the Fodens fitted to, & still installed in the MARNINE, for Fred Porter, & also in the Ted Clark LADY MARGARET? Engines in the MARNINE were fitted when she was built, & the LADY MARGARET was a re-engine done about the same time as MARNINE. — KEN R


  4. Deodar was originally fitted with two mk3 Foden engines with very large scintilla altenators maintenance wad taken over by the Devonport naval base and at that time she was refitted with mk6 engines the original installation had dry exhausts which were very noisy but wet silencers were fitted to resolve this problem.
    Fodens did make a 12 cyl two stroke engine these were fitted in HDMLS for the navy but it very unlikely these would fit in Deodars engine room.AG Frankham were the only commmercial user of the 12 cyl in on of their coastal vessels using a modern wheel drive mechanism


  5. DEDAR Original engines were 2 x 6cyl blown Mk 3 Fodens Later replaced by 2 x 6cyl 160hp Mk 6 Fodens (to admiralty specs) These 6 Cyl engines were still inplace when I left deodar in 1981. Shortly after I left the navy moved away from Fodens and when Deodar came up for maintenance the engines were phased out. Lloyd McIntosh did a lot of research and the Fodens wer replaced by 2 x V8 3208 series Four Stroke Cats.
    To the best of my knowledge Foden did not make 12cylinder engines.
    the only Cummins engines used by the Police in my time were the twin 6 Cyl Cummins in the Lady Elizabeth 2 in Wellington
    Ian Clarke’s book “DEODAR” page 52 refers to the engine change.
    John Elingham ” . Depdar 1 ” 1971 to 1981.


  6. DEODAR’s original engines, were 2 x 6 cyl Foden Diesels & (as used by navy in H.D.M.Ls.), later replaced with 2 x 12 cyl Fodens, (as also used by navy at that time),, which contributed much to the Auckland “boating noise scene” as well, at the time, & later still 2 x V8 Cummins were fitted & may now have been replaced by 2 more Cummins I have a pic of the original Cummins somewhere — will try & find it– KEN RICKETTS


  7. DEODAR is indeed a very speclal post in my view, & it is really great to see her here, as she had a special roll for many years, in the past, in the lives of all boaties, in the Auckland region, as Police boat. I personally worked in association with Lloyd Mac Intosh, in his day, with my own boats, FLYING SCUD & TIARRI, on a number of rescue & other incidents.through the years– KEN RICKETTS


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