A Couple of Mulletties – Sailing Sunday


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A Couple of Mulletties – Sailing Sunday

The 2 photos above were sent in by Kevin Cassidy (Mulletty Mick) via Gill Bouzaid. The top one is of Bob Ewing’s Buona Sera in the 1969 Lipton Cup & lower photo is of Ron Copeland’s Taotane at Russell, New Years Day 1968.

In the comments section of ww yesterday, June Kendall was asking what became of her fathers mulletty – Celox, which he co-owned in the 1920’s >30’s. It was reported on ww that back in Feb 2015 she had sunk in the Bay of Islands & while salvaged her owner was offering her ‘free to a good home’ – June   was wondering what became of the yacht & if the she was still in Opua? So woodys – can anyone help out with an update?
ww story on Celox here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/02/01/celox-sos/

5 thoughts on “A Couple of Mulletties – Sailing Sunday

  1. The photo of Buona Sera reminded me of the Christmas cruise when Buona Sera was tied up at Kings Wharf on the bottom of the tide,prior to taking on provisions.
    Along come Burns Philp’s truck with 14 dozen of beer,& a couple of bottles of Rum.
    The boys were standing on the wharf.
    “Can anyone direct me to the ship Buona Sera?” the driver asked.
    “Yeah mate,right down there.” pointing to the diminutive vessel bobbing at the bottom of the wharf.
    Not quite the ship the driver expected.
    The 14 dozen beers in bottles were stowed in the bilges,along with all the canned food which was colour coded,with daubs of paint,as the paper labels tended to soak off in the bilge water.
    A reasonably cold beer could be obtained by soaking a football sock in seawater,placing a beer bottle inside,& laying the sock on the cabin top in the blazing sun.
    Refrigeration is caused by the rapid expansion of gasses,so as the water in the sock evaporated, the beer was cooled.
    Great times,hard case crew.


  2. Hello Alan
    I have owned the 26′ mullety Waitere II (H2, 1913) since 1972. Pam Cundy of Whangateau Traditional Boats yard put me onto your great website a few years ago. Because I learned about the Tinorawa Trust exhibition from you, I didnt miss it!

    I am getting too old and timid for (the 103 yr-old!) Waitere II, and will have to find ‘a good new home’ for her before long. I left several flyers describing her background with a current photo at the Trust’s exhibition with Tony Stevenson.

    Is there some way i could spread the word via your website? Can I attach the flyer (it is digital…)? But I don’t want to take advantage of your great service!

    Steven and Lois Webster


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