Skipper CJ



Skipper CJ

I took the above photos of the Chris Craft launch Skipper CJ anchored in Man O War Bay over the 2015/16 xmas/ny period. Obviously an import but her owner has done the right thing & joined the CYA, in fact we had her with us on the last trip up the creek to the Riverhead Hotel.
There is a lot of boat there for I suspect not a lot of green backs.

Interested to learn more about here & how & when she arrived in NZ. Maybe one of the American ww followers can chip in with some info on the model of the boat.

And while we are having a USA day – if you are looking for some wooden boat reading over the weekend – the link below is to the Sept/Oct issue of the USA Classic Yacht on-line magazine. Now if you think the market for wooden boats in NZ is depressed check out the motorboat ‘Blue Mist’ listed for sale on page 89 (top right side). At US$145k it would appear a steal – but then again …………….

3 thoughts on “Skipper CJ

  1. Skipper CJ was purchased in Seattle by the Couwenberg family, imported to New Zealand and restored by the Couwenbergs working with Harken Boatbulders at Westpark. Skipper CJ is indeed a 1960 Chris Craft Conquerer. The twin petrol engines were replaced with twin Volvo diesels and the family spent hours restoring the bright work to close to original condition.


  2. She is a Chris Craft Conqueror 40, appears to be the 1960 model, in 1961 it was lengthened to 41′ and the sheer line revised.
    These were typically sold with 2 x 350 petrol motors.
    Prices now range from $10k for a roughie to $50k for a restored diesel powered versión.


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