Two Mystery Launches



Two Mystery Launches

The above two photos were sent to me by Harold Kidd and according to the photo album, the photos  were taken at the same place around 1925-7.
The launch with the strange steering position is named Tuhoe, all Harold knows about her is that she was in Taurangs in the early 1920’s owned by a P Best.. She’s not very big, about 20ft, 22ft at a pinch.
The launch in the second photo doesn’t carry a name.

So woodys the question of the day is where are the photos taken and what do you know about the launches?. Harold thinks the location is Waikaremoana but doesn’t know that lake well enough to be sure.

3 thoughts on “Two Mystery Launches

  1. THanks for the input. For a launch from Tauranga (if it is Best’s TUHOE) Rotoiti seems more plausible than Waikaremoana in the mid 1920’s.


  2. Hi ,

    The bottom pic looks like Hinhehopu , Lake Rotoiti .

    Not shore about the top pic .

    Kind thoughts ,

    Wayne Mason


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