Unfinished Project


Unfinished Project – Yeah right

The above 33′ launch is located in Kerikeri & the trademe listing states that the owner auto bid on two boats & won both auctions & now this ones surplus to needs 🙂
There is no reserve & the opening bid is $1 so it could be a good buy for someone looking for a project. The seller states that the previous owner could finish her, on behalf, if a buyer was interested – all very confusing. Thanks to Ian McDonald for pointing out the listing on trademe.

Anyone know more about the vessel?

5 thoughts on “Unfinished Project

  1. Then there’s the scenic view between a few of the planks. That isn’t going to be fixed with oakum OR Sikaflex!


  2. I was wondering that myself, why go to the effort of re-ribbing it and not close the gaps….. Also those fastenings, eek. Wonder what it was ribbed with, looks like kaik or something inappropriate…..


  3. One screw per plank, and those gaping gaps, you would have to skin her in a couple of diagonals, or re-re-rib her properly with two fastenings.


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