Margaret Anne



Margaret Anne
Designed & built by Billy Rogers in 1956, she has appeared on ww before during her restoration by owner Helena Wiles. But we never saw the interior. She is 34′ with a 12′ beam, so a very roomy launch.

Helena has done a wonderful job on her & deserves a medal – when purchased she sported a small block of flats 🙂
More details & pre restoration photo can be viewed here
Photos ex trademe so it would appear MA is looking for a new owner.

C.2000 photo below ex Ken Ricketts


5 thoughts on “Margaret Anne

  1. In March 1987 my Husband (Eric Heissenbuttel) chartered the Margaret Anne for four days and three nights. There was a Skipper and a First Mate. A most enjoyable
    adventure in New Zealand, a treasured memory. We are from Lake Hopatcong, NJ in the USA.


  2. Hi regarding taurima. We owned her during the 80s and for years used her out of tekouma harbour. I brought taurima from Alan Reid in Thames where she was keep for many years prior to us purchasing her.( Alan owned Reid’s hardware) When we brought taurima she had game fishing poles we fished a couple of seasons out of tairua. During our our time we had many trips to the barrier and went as far north as whangaroa. We have great memories of taurima as a family cruiser.


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