On Saturday the Picton Clinker Club held a run up the Opawa River in Blenheim to the Raupo Cafe for lunch, 11 boats made the trip. Richmond boatbuilder/ restorer, timber furniture maker & vintage car coach builder – Peter Murton, sent me the above photos.

Chatting with Peter on-line he has some very cool woody projects in his workshop – starting with a  Colin Wild built day launch, see photos below. The launch arrived at Peters’s workshop last December from Auckland. When finished she is off to Christchurch, where her owner has re-located to, he dropped her off on his way past Peter’s workshop. Nothing is known about her, her owner had her stashed in his shed for 5+ years, her cabin sides & side decks are teak – any input from the woodys would be much appreciated.


Also below are some photos of Peter’s 1895 fantail oil launch which is getting a 1906 Gray marine engine fitted.


And to finish todays clinker theme – when I went down to Raindance yesterday to do a few chores, I was pleasantly surprized to find the stern off a model clinker dinghy in my cockpit, along with a note from Robert Brooke – “Hi Alan, If it is no use to you, please cut up for firewood. Cheers Robert”. Now Robert knows I have a ‘thing’  for clinkers & while having a workshop clean out he found the stern off one of his model boats & thought it might appeal to me – it surely does – will be a perfect project & this will join my collection of things clinker related (photo below). The clinker cross section in the photo, I bought on trademe several years ago, now I might be mistaken but I think it was built by Peter Murton – if so, its a small world.

And yes I do own a proper clinker – named Peg.


6 thoughts on “Clinkers

  1. I forgot to say the clinker boat the old man had was a lifeboat of the radio Hauraki boat befor they got it ⚓️


  2. My late dad had to clinkers then wen I was about 30 I got one it was a 13f6″ sea craft with a 25hp out bord loved it wish I still had it 😪


  3. Dave Marks would have been one of the modern exponents of the clinker construction. He, & his team turned out dozens of “weather board” runabouts, & day boats,under the trade name of MARKSPLY, from his shop in Aparana Ave, Glen Innes during the 60’s.These were ply lapstrake. (American name for Clinker construction.)


  4. There is a cure Alan, if you keep taking the pills… says he who once had 32′ of Royal Navy clinker Teak.


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