Now Manana has appeared before on ww but we have never seen ‘down-below’.

First some background – Manana is a Colin Wild sport fisher built in Auckland in 1953 by Collings and Bell. She spent many years serving as the Durville Island water taxi based in French Pass. She was then rebuilt and faithfully modernised into the vessel that you see above.
Construction: double diagonal kauri – LOA: 40’; beam: 13’; draft: 6’

She is powered by twin 120hp 6 Cyl Fords that allow her to cruise at 8 knts & top out at 11 knts

You can read more on her past & view as launched photos at this link

UPDATE 13-04-2021 – now residing in Bayswater Marina

Huge interest yesterday in the Lucinda re-launch story – over 7,500 views in the first 24 hours. But interestingly ww still can not crack the UK scene, see below a list of the top 14 countries viewing ww yesterday, ranked by viewing numbers. Peru rated better than the UK 😦  Now if you are wondering about some of the countries, I have a theory – ww enjoys high readership among the super yacht crews, who have a high % of kiwis aboard, thence the ‘unusual’ countries popping up 😉

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.29.27 PM

10 thoughts on “Manana

  1. I’m pretty sure the Maltese component are a notorious group of yacht crew and classic boat fans colloquially known as the Ta’x X’biex (Tach Beach) Tigers. Some lovey old vessels and characters hiding away on that rock.


  2. this is what I said last time the boat appeared on WW (not so long ago really)
    “Bill and Gerry Seagar got the design from Colin Wild, probably the last he ever did. They got her built at Chas. Bailey & Sons because, effectively, they owned that company at the time. Harry Pope was the foreman on the job.
    The two brothers were notorious for their barneys with each other. Bill wanted her called REHUTAI after the two steam launches the family had built in the 1910s but Gerry wanted her called MANANA. She was launched as MANANA.
    Photo below of her in Seagar ownership.”

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  3. The claimed provenance of MANANA staggers me.
    Colin Wild design built by Collings & Bell!
    Can anyone provide substance for that unlikely cocktail?
    Sounds like myth to me.


  4. I m having a temporary break from boatbuilding. Living with my family in Taipei Taiwan, I didn’t think Taiwan would be in the top 5! I get my wood fix from your site, that and the knowledge that one day I be back in a wooden boatbuilding shed. Keep up the good work. Cheers Simon.


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