Mystery Boats & Location – Win a ww t-shirt


Mystery Boats & Location – Win a ww t-shirt

Today’s post could be interesting, the first woody that can ID any of the boats & the location will win a ww t-shirt. Rules are simple – first correct answer in the ww Comments section wins. If by 6.00pm no one has answered correctly, we will count backwards e.g. first woody with one of the two answers wins, if no one gets that, then the best (in my eyes) answer wins.
Only one other condition – the prize has to be either a size XL or 2XL shirt, that is all I have left until the next print run – p.s. they are smallish sizing.

Would have to question the effectiveness of those bilge stabilizers – a little like a pimple on a pumpkin 🙂

Hi All
I am the project manager for Windhaven the Col Wilde ketch undergoing refit at Yachting Developments. Trying to find some original photos so we can look at restoring to as near as possible to her former glory. promise to be on the harbour this summer.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. pls send to
Capt Gary

Alan H comment – a wee tip – if you keep spelling Wild with an E, you won’t get much help from  HDK 😉
Below are a couple of photos that I assume you have already seen?
Can any woodys help Gary out with more info / photos?

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.34.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.33.55 PM

 29-07-2016 – Photo below ex Mike Drummond from the John Salthouse collection showing Windhaven being ‘removed’ from Colin Wild’s Stanley Point yard. The view is looking north over the Bayswater Peninsular.

Col wild yard



9 thoughts on “Mystery Boats & Location – Win a ww t-shirt

  1. Chris M is correct. The photo is titled ‘Where fishing Boats go to die, Salen. Isle of Mull’ Taken June 2015. Have a look of Google maps.


  2. Can’t tell you the boats names but I’m fairly sure they are at Kaiaua on the Western side of Thames. I have a litho by Dick Frizzell that is almost identical to the boat on the left.


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