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Florence has appeared once before when I spied her tied up at Bayswater Marina, so when Tim Jackson tipped me off that she has just appeared on trademe, I took the opportunity to showcase her in more detail. I do not like losing classic’s to out of Auckland but boy this old girl has got lake boat written all over her + the ability to load her onto a flatbed Hiab truck must appeal to the lake based woodys.
She was originally built in Dunedin and has a history of being used as a workboat in and around Port Charmers. Her double-ender hull is heart kauri carvel planked & she measures 28’x7’8”x3’.
There was a major refit done in 2014/15. Now based in Auckland & used as a harbour cruiser.
The 2015 refit involved new cabin from the decks up, new interior, large double bunk up forward, single bunk port side and galley starboard side in saloon. New electrics, reconditioned 1992 45hp 3JH Yanmar from Moon Engines. Engine sits on a Vee drive and creates a cockpit table. There is a new 2205 s/steel shaft & the hull was fully stripped back and re-caulked.
Yellow cedar and Maranti marine ply construction of the cabin fully glassed over &12mm Mahogany veneer to cabin sides
For more older photos & details on Florence, click this link


12 thoughts on “Florence

  1. I appreciate the fact that errors do creep in but it’s nice to get some things straightened out before the next issue. (minor sarcasm)

    It’s the lack of consistency. The new format to list (almost) every boat by its design date is fine, once you get used to seeing the odd new boat to an old design listed ahead of many originals. But this thinking hasn’t been carried over into the Spirit of Tradition section which is yet again an afterthought.

    Arch Logan, to my knowledge, did very little designing in the years 1994-2004.

    The Logan 33’s were built from a mould taken off Arch Logan’s Doreen design from 1912
    Lady Dorothy was launched in 1999
    Lynette was launched in May 2004
    Lucille was launched in December 2004

    I pointed this anomaly out when last year’s list came out but … but …. ah feck it. ….


  2. I am sorry if I let loose the running dogs. Nathan has told me the dilemma of the CYA compilers who (quite reasonably) took the owner’s provenance at face value. The same happened last issue with WAITANGI/KARAMANA which has kept her old chronological position in the Register but now edited from 1908/Bailey to 1923/Hacker.
    A similar quantum leap is required for FLORENCE.
    I’ll try to make amends by producing a history of the real 1890s Otago FLORENCE which was a much more substantial vessel, a steam launch built by William Dennys of Dumbarton for the Union Steamship Co to carry aboard their ships on the tourist runs from Dunedin to the Sounds, carry passengers about and tow lifeboats to the beauty spots (and sandflys). I think she had a steel hull but have yet to confirm and get an image.
    This FLORENCE is a typical Dunedin fishing/waterman’s oil launch of the period 1910-30, double-ended and easily driven. She is typical of the little harbour launches built not only by Miller & Tunnage but also by the Knewstubbs and Jas. McPherson.


  3. Pretty bad taste to criticise a volunteer production. I feel Nathan isn’t silly enough to retype the content if it was really offered to him. If I had $10 for every time I’d heard you slag off the yacht fleet or how many more launches there were participating I’d be richer than you 😉 a view from the other side.
    Alan H reply – I wasn’t criticizing the volunteers, merely pointing out a fact. As you are well aware Jason – I co-produced the last 5 editions – there are always oops & the the old adage of ‘the more hands something rubs up against, the better it is, applies here 🙂
    Want to compare bank accounts? 😉

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  4. Nathan
    A slight correction – the working art files of the previous register were offered up on several occasions but no one bothered to collect the files. Also I personally offered twice to proof the register before it went to print – again no one took me up on the offer.

    And on another register matter – if I have to read again Chad Thompson’s condescending account of how the racing yachts expanded the events calendar to entice launch owners who were following them to many of the Hauraki Gulf destinations, I will throw up. I have it from impeccable sources that the real situation was the CYA wanted / needed to expand / attract more paying members & faced with the prospect of having to accept ‘modern classic’s’ into the fold they choose launches instead.
    And if I had $10 for every launch owner who was following the racing yachts around that as told me that while ashore they were snubbed by the classic yacht fleet, I would be a rich man.


  5. Thanks Robin for pointing fault in the register. Naturally every owner is easy to get hold of, willing, and in possession of the facts. Not to mention that as volunteers we are happy to engage in argument. Paying members are entitled to have their vessel in the register with details supplied. In the absence of any template at all being available, the entire register was started afresh and hand typed/ indexed and laid out. We are really happy with the result 🙂


  6. Harold those links don’t work for me can you re-post them.?

    It’s a grim fable esp when both Woodies and the CYA Vessel Register have enshrined it without bothering to confirm of any of the details.

    but are you really surprised after nearly 30 years of this sort of bollocks?


  7. Oh dear, I see FLORENCE has pride of place in the CYA Classic Vessel Register received today as the oldest launch, claiming Miller & Tunnage c1894.
    Miller & Tunnage possibly, 1920 more likely. The 1894 Otago FLORENCE was a steamer built on the Clyde.
    This is how history is manufactured by an owner (with the best of intentions naturally) and another myth enshrined.
    Thank goodness Waitemata Woodys is above such b*****t……………………………………..or perhaps not if you look at the spiel on her above.


  8. FLORENCE’s owner, Joseph Gotham Potter, was a Port Chalmers fisherman who owned a number of launches and navigated for the bigger launches in their offshore trips north and south outside the Heads of the Otago Harbour. Very well-respected man at the time.
    I played Rugby at Takapuna Grammar with his grandson Bill who went into Customs I think. Bill took over from me as captain of the 4th Grade A Team when I got knocked around at the usual end of season stoush against Mt Albert Grammar. The team then played the opening game at Eden Park without me, dammit. It was actually 14 players plus future All Black Don McKay at centre.
    ….name dropping again…….


  9. “1894” and “Miller & Tunnage” doesn’t work. That firm didn’t start until 1912-13. The predecessor firm, Miller Bros, didn’t start until 1907. They, in turn, had bought out Knewstubb Bros.
    The FLORENCE first in Otago was a steamer owned by the Union Steam Ship Co from 1892. She was built in Dumbarton on the Clyde and was sold to Kemp & Judd in 1898 for use on the Manawatu River. NOT the same boat.
    In the early 1920’s FLORENCE was owned by J. Potter of Port Chalmers and may indeed have been built by Miller & Tunnage, but after 1912.


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