Mystery Launch 24-05


Mystery Launch 24-05
photo ex Harold Kidd

Harold has been trying to ID the above launch & to date had no luck, so Woodys the question today – can any one put a name to her or even the location, that would be a big help in the process.


For some reason the ‘WordPress’ platform who I host the ww site on has been having a few hiccups & keeps re-setting its internal clock – end result is that a few posts that I have had loaded into the system have appeared at random & then disappeared – don’t worry, they will be back 🙂
Cheers Alan Houghton

The floating art work, Lady Margaret (Dick Lang), was hauled out last week at Okahu Bay for some serious bottom cleaning. The X-Foul-E-8 team were applying their magic to her, that kauri looks as good as the day she was launched in 1940. A little birdie tells me we will not be hearing the purr of her Fodens for much longer, some open heart surgery is on the cards – the Lady always was very quick so will be interesting to see how she performs with 2 new light weight zoomers 😉 The Foden installation was a sight to behold so expect no-less with the transplant. (Peter B would kill me if I did not point out that the pile of mussels alongside LM came from another vessel)


11 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 24-05

  1. I would know honeymoon bay if it was there, my family owns the land next to honeymoon bay and we frequently overnight there on our launch. Its Te Arero bay, the one with the caves and long arm that runs west, first bay on the northern side of the lake once you leave Otaramarae. The cliffs in the background are Paehinahina.


  2. I think she’s Bailey & Lowe, probably OKERE, OHAU or RUBY, all tiddlers of this style.


  3. That photo looks like it was taken in Te Arero bay, (also called trailer sailer bay) Lake Rotoiti. I would put a bet on this. The boat was at the western end of the beach, between the small stream that enters the lake there and the semi submerged cave where Ngati Pikiao hid their plow from other hostile tribes!


  4. OK thanks for the pic Alan, very similar hulls, but 1. What’s the provenance of the FIREFLY currently at Rotoiti? 2. Where was the early pic taken?


  5. This pic is about 1910 so I doubt if it’s FIREFLY. I just want to know the location so that I can match launches known to be there at that time period.
    Is it really Rotoiti?


  6. Bam beat me to it. Slightly different trim detail below the sheer, and is firefly’s foredeck original? seems to go farther back than the above.


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