Rautangi 1

photos & detail ex Nathan Herbert & trademe

Rautangi was built by Collings & Bell c.1935/36 for Mr. L. Steriker. She measures 37′ x 9’6″ x 2’8″ & is currently midway thru a major refit happening at Katikati in the Bay of Plenty. There is a 120hp diesel sitting in her at present. Owner needs to move her on due to ill health, details can be found on trademe.

As launch she was a very smart launch, nice project for someone.

3 thoughts on “Rautangi

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  2. RAUTANGI was quite a bit earlier. She was launched on 18th May 1929 for Les Stericker who was well-known for his racing Elto Quad-powered outboard HUM BUG also built by Collings & Bell. She had a 77hp 6 cylinder Thornycroft engine, replaced by a Ford in 1957. Les later owned KAKARIKI/GEORGELLA and STELLA MARIS.


  3. Both Les Stericker & RAUTANGI were known to me in the mid 1940s. When ever I was aboard her she was always immaculate in every detail.
    She was fitted with a 6 cyl.,Thornycroft petrol engine painted bottle green, which had 1 overhead & 1 side valve. It ran beautifully.She had the name in gold leaf quite elegantly curved across the tuck.
    It is heartbreaking to see her as she is right now, knowing how she had been in her hey day & I really hope that a “Mr Right” will wave the magic wand over her. — KEN R edited by AH


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