Heads up from Murray Willis (MV Margeurite)

Tainui was built to survey for the Auckland Harbour Board in 1967, originally a workboat but later converted into a pleasure vessel. She is built of kauri & is 38’ in length with a 9’3” beam.

Tainui is powered by a 70h.p. 3LWGardner diesel that gives her a comfortable 9 knots at 1000rpm. A great sea ship, she has plied across Cook Straight many times.

Currently moored in Whangaparapara Harbour, Great Barrier Island.& listed for sale on trade. The asking price is $15k ono & from the photos, for that price looks like a great restoration project.

What do we know about her, designer, builder & who did the conversion?

11 thoughts on “Tainui

  1. You’re right, Pam. The smell of summer-sun-heated japara Hutchwilcos is part of the nostalgia kick for the past, P class, Zeddies, IA’s and Frosties. Just like putting a tiny bit of castor oil in your motorbike’s petrol tank to evoke the smell of Brooklands (or Ardmore).


  2. Harold,
    your ever so kindly, we could take those jackets. We already have some of those though. Problem is they become salt encrusted from the sea breeze that blows through the yard and building, with a mix of either red or kauri saw dust that settles on them they seem to lose there apeal, in fact thats good reason not to contemplate too long over a job.
    Your offer of the kapok life jackets takes me back to my youth. My mum said I jumped over the side of our ‘mullety’ at quite a young age, no life jacket, much to my mums horror peering over the side at me, I apparently exclaimed “look mummy I’m like the big kids “. I was then the youngest of four. Then when I was older mum knelt in the water and laying across her upturned hands she balanced me on my tummy whilst I kicked and twirled my arms, she taught me to swim. Then when I was older ‘the big kids’, my brothers and sisters, taught me to sail. Then dammit nobody taught me how to escape that up turned P Class wearing a kapok life jacket, it was do or die!! That little P class sail covered a huge area of necessary air, life! Well I survived and learned to love it. All us kids HATED those Kapok life Jackets. Then when I was older my father showed me how to patch an old dinghy with canvas and paint, he patched the roof of the batch in a simalar way, summers were hot and long then – the enamel paint that saturated the canvas dryed quiet fast. Dad never watched us when we took the patched up dinghys to the beach, we had all sorts of adventure without being supervised and with out our kapok life jackets, we survived and the dinghys lasted all summer long. There was always another derelict dinghy to be found for the next summer…
    We would be more than pleased to display those life jackets here Harold.


  3. Pam, do you need a supply of life-jackets up there? We have some very decent traditional yellow Hutchwilco japara/kapok jackets that need a home. Just the thing for a Whangateau Regatta Day.


  4. My only concern is for you, as your starting to sound like KR only I pick a certain tongue in cheek…
    Dammit, she was built as a work boat for the oyster inspector, John has spoken only of his passion for that motor and secondly his family’s passion for fishing. I don’t think varnishing is a priority.
    It would be interesting to have a photo of her as original, as she had a large cockpit area, the dodger was an addition. I don’t s’pose anyone stealing oysters, as we did- was going to snap off a photo of an approaching inspector.
    Nice spell of weather we are having. 🙂


  5. Pam, will you use your best endeavours to restore her original “nice light coloured varnished coamings”?
    Horrors….she may not have had “nice light coloured varnished coamings”!


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  7. Tainui has a new owner now. John Sloane had looked her over some time ago – John has now brought her and has asked us to do a refit here at the Whangateau boat yard. The project is to be set out at a steady pace over a couple of years, when John expects to be back in NZ to use her.
    Starting in the engine room- the Gardner is to have a complete over haul the engine room becoming a focal point, walk through transom installed and improvements to the layout inside.
    Pleased to have her come to the yard as we regularly photographed Tainui on our visits to the Barrier, doing the rounds, as you do.
    Many thanks to Ben Sanderson and his girls in regards to the sale of Tainui.
    Ta Alan.


  8. She has nice lines, all in proportion ,Nathan is getting very good at interiors…. The 3LW was 47hp when new at 1500 so unlikely to be more now


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