Mystery Location 26-11-2015

Mystery Location 26-11-2015

The photo view is looking out to the bay, taken between two large macrocarpa trees on the beach front. A ferry can be seen in the bay heading south as well as a yacht & 2 launches. Taken in the early 1900’s. Anyone want to have a go at ID’ing the location & if your really good the launch on the right.

Remember you can enlarge the image by clicking on it 😉

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26 thoughts on “Mystery Location 26-11-2015

  1. Actually, having thought about it ….. Arkles Bay is not a bad shout.

    If I scrunch up my eyes and use my near obsolete Squint-O Meter, it looks very much like the view of Rangitoto we used to get as we walked across the farmland at the western end, to the beach, which would have been through that little gateway and down some steps.

    The western end of Arkles in the 1950’s had some massive old trees guarding a farmhouse there. Most of the old trees along the central waterfront had been felled (huge grey stumps) but some still survived up the western end on the farmer’s property. There were also a few in and around Pearson’s Camping ground up the eastern end.

    We did every Xmas at Arkles from 1950 right up to the late 1960’s, although I was long gone by then. Our bach was on the hill down what was called (still is) Cochrane Avenue, but which was merely a clay track that looped around until it hit the ti-tree scrub and stopped, so the term ‘Avenue’ was a tad grandiose. There were only 2 houses on it. We made tracks to get down through the bush to the flatland below to get to the beach.

    On the point at the western end on the beach, at the mouth of the Wade River, where we used to catch sprats, you could see at low tide, the rusting piles of an old jetty. Definitely not big enough for a wharf, which might be why that little coaster is anchored out.

    Someone had hammered a long length of pipe into a deep crevice just around the point which, in a good howling easterly produced spectacular water spouts that shot half way up the cliff face.

    Aaaahhhhhh ….. jumpers for goal posts


  2. Sorry to nitpick, but that launch (could be one of many in Auckland of that configuration at the time) doesn’t have game poles which were 30+ years in the future, but is schooner rigged for auxiliary sails and is flying the red duster or possibly the blue ensign (as I suspect) if the owner was a Squadron member. Alternatively the owner was a yacht club flag officer flying a flag officer’s rectangular flag/burgee/pennant.
    She look’s Bailey & Lowe to me.


  3. OREWA had a scheduled service to Arkle’s Bay where Mr Arkle had a popular holiday hotel and camping ground establishment. GAEL also ran there but this isn’t GAEL.


  4. The steamer is a Northern S.S.Co. vessel, possibly the Orewa as Harold has suggested, or perhaps the Kawau. Hard to say from this distance and both at one time quite similar in appearance.


  5. OK RAKANUI, not RAKANOA..silly me. My interest in ladies’ apparel was, and remains, totally clinical and scientific……………………….


  6. I didn’t peek at Mr Kidd’s answer (I promise) and was dismayed that I spent so long composing my answer that he beat me to it as I was checking and re-checking the photo…


  7. Macrocarpa.

    Being a New Zealander, not an Aucklander 😀 I won’t try a guess on the location, BUT….

    I’d go with HDK et al on that central vessel not being a ferry but one of the very small coasters.

    Given that the boats are all pointing the same way, could they be anchored rather than under way?

    The launch on the right seems to be flying a catch flag from her port game pole, which might help someone ID her


  8. I reckon it looks a lot like those two microcarper’s on Cheltenham beach?

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  9. Could not be the Baroona. She was built in Australia in 1904, of Australian hardwood with Kauri topsides. Worked the Kaipara for many years. Was later converted to a Sandfords trawler, before George Nichols converted her to a ferry in 1933. She entered the Waiheke run in 1934.
    In recent years she had two Kelvin diesels,& only one rudder.
    Ended up as a Restaurant on a piece of land opposite the Super Clinic in Manukau. When the owner died she was offered to various societies,but no one wanted her.She was broken up on site,as the land was more valuable.


  10. Arkles Bay. Or somewhere up that way, there is a clue in the fact that Alan has alluded to the ferry heading South unless of course that is incorrect or the negative was reversed.


  11. Man-o-War, Waiheki Island.
    Baroona ferry.



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