Tomif – Sailing Sunday

TOMIF – Sailing Sunday
photos & details ex Don Kurylko & the WoodenBoat Forum

Now I have been a fan/follower of the USA WoodenBoat Magazine’s on-line forum for a long time, it was my go-to place for advice & guidance on most things to do with classic wooden boats. The secret was being able to ID who was handing out advice based on experience & who was sitting in a farm house 5,000 from the sea & had never owned a boat. There have been some amazing build projects & some real characters on-line. If you have not visited the forum I would encourage you to.

Everyone has their favourite stories (called threads) but one of best & longest running is the tale of Don Kurylko & the build of his 45′ cold moulded, topmast gaff cutter.  Below you will find the link to the WBF thread on Tomfi – lofting started back in 1981 & she came out of her shed earlier this year, yep thats 34 years 🙂  Don says that works out at close to 16,000 hours or 8 years of full time labour.

The story of Don test lofting in the snow is just one of many amusing tales – I’ll let Don tale it :-

“One day, a couple of winters before I started building, I found myself going a bit stir crazy and needed something to perk up my spirits. We were living in a small log cabin out in the boonies, without electricity, and there wasn’t much in the way of entertainment to be had. So, I grabbed a set of plans I had bought from designer Tom Colvin and headed out to the small pasture behind our place. I made up some long battens and “lofted” out the accommodations plan full size to see how it would fit. The snow was perfect. It had been really cold and the surface was so hard and crusty that you could walk on it without fear of breaking through. Once I got all the lines laid out, I filled them in with ashes from the wood stove. In a few hours I had a virtual boat that I could walk around in. It was fun and the drawing lasted for several weeks before it snowed again and covered it up. I guess there are some advantages to Canadian winters after all”.

The above photo collection is just a selection from the 100’s on Don’s Tomfi thread – if its raining today, I’ve probably ruined (or made) your day.


LOA: 45’
LOD: 34’
DWL: 29’
BEAM: 10’
DISP: 18,000 lbs
D/L: 333
BALLAST: lead – outside 5,600 lbs – inside 1000 to 2000 lbs, as required
B/D: 36% @ 6600 lbs; 42% @ 7600 lbs
SA working: 800 sq. ft. (SA/D: 18.5)
SA 3 lowers: 695 sq. ft. (SA/D: 16)

7 thoughts on “Tomif – Sailing Sunday

  1. Did. Wouldn’t. 😦 Almost certainly I dunnit wrong.
    Thanks for doing it – that’s some sail plan!


  2. Thanks for that, but it didn’t work for me. Double checked that I wrote and typed correctly. Probably something else I’m doing wrong? :-0


  3. Beautiful job! Beautiful boat! I’ve seen some (but not all) of the thread on WBF and been greatly impressed.
    One thing I haven’t seen is a sail plan, but I’m assuming that if she has a sparred length of 45′ on an LOA of 34′ there’s going to be some 11′ of bowsprit “out the front” and the gaff cutter sail plan is going to look impressive with all her extras set!
    I note brokerisms creeping in, Yea! even unto the hallowed halls of the WBF!! :-0 Brokers it wuz who (unilaterally) decided to call Sparred Length (or Length Over Spars, depending where you went to school) LOA and LOA LOD. Properly Length Over All (LOA) is the actual Length of the hull from the forward face of the stem at bow to the aftermost face of the stern. Length On Deck is measured from the after face of the stem at deck level to (on this boat) the forward face of the stern post at deck level.
    Her construction is actually cold-moulded over strip planking. I’ve no direct experience of it myself, but it’s generally considered to be BSH Standard and pretty near “fit to break ice”. She should be around for a fair while!
    I look forward to seeing her rigged and sailing.


  4. would love to see some inside shots and some of her sailing. Any chance of that?. A lifetime on one yacht can be a pleasure if one finds the journey more important than the destination. I just hope he is able to enjoy this magnificent yacht he has created..


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