Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #8 – Kiariki May 1959

Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #8 – Kiariki May 1959

I have just received another batch of drawing from Robert Brooke of these remarkable cruise drawings done by his father, Jack Brooke, again ww thanks Robert for making them available to ww followers. Jack produced a hand drawing on each cruise. Todays post is the 8th featured – enjoy.

The above drawing records the travels of Kiariki during a May 1959 cruise to Kawau Island & onto Gt Barrier Island.

Crew: John Brooke, Don Brooke, Bill Mitch, John Chapple, Peter Walker, Rob Wallace. Must have been a boys cruise.

6 thoughts on “Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #8 – Kiariki May 1959

  1. That’s John Chapple, not John Chappell. John and I raced the Q Class FLAMINGO at the time and Don Brooke was a serious competitor in the class. John was a phenomenal yachtsman. He won the 12 ft InterDominion Trophy with FLAMINGO 3 or was it 4 times and designed the CHEROKEE class for Pupuke Boating Club.


  2. Looking forward to seeing all the new drawings.
    I see it was an early start back to kawau on the friday 3.45 am from Wellington head. Nah couldn’t do that now, those days are gone…
    No fishing on this trip.?
    What a pleasure, thank-you.


  3. These are really great. Thank you for sharing them with us. Can anyone tell me when Watchman Island changed its name to Channel Island?


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