Built by Allan Williams & launched in 1972, this 34 ft launch is built with a mix of kauri and teak. The story goes that Williams built the boat for his personal use and  due to its popularity the design was replicated several times in the following years.
Banshee was re- powered in 1994 with a 210hp Cummins that gives her with a max speed of approx. 14 knts.
A very practical ‘modern’ classic, her varnished coamings get a big tick from me. Currently for sale.

16-07-2021 Update – for sale again – photos ex May 2021 at Sandspit Marina


9 thoughts on “Banshee

  1. alan williams did have an earlier 30 foot banshee which was renamed marahi. i think this boat is still around in auckland.


  2. I was an apprentice boatbuilder at Alans yard during the construction of Banshee.
    His son Dick was the foreman.
    Banshee was built as Alans personal launch, he loved getting away fishing.
    Sadly the workshops were destroyed by fire not long after I had left working there.


  3. I believe the original Banshee to have been built prior to March 1963. I think she had flat windscreens, not split, and was only 30′ 6″, not 34′. She was profiled in Sea Spray magazine in March 1963.


  4. Yes there were later Banshee’s one of which could have been launched in 72. Didn’t Sir Keith Park buy one of them off Alan Williams, I will check with one of his regular crew.


  5. I think she’s earlier than 1972. BANSHEE was registered with the AYMBA to Alan Williams of 3 Omana Road, Milford in 1966 as a member of the Auckland Motor Yacht Club and Milford Cruising Club. I don’t think he had an earlier BANSHEE, but he may have. I was around that scene when she was built but can’t pinpoint the date except that 1966 seems right.


  6. I can confirm he did build her for himself originally & indeed the design was popular. — Still looks absolutely original to me — Lovely. — KEN RICKETTS


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