A Woody Labour Weekend

A Woody Labour Weekend

The weather split the CYA classic fleet in two this Labour weekend with some heading to Kawau for the opening of the ‘new’ Kawau Boating Club. From all reports it was a blast & well done to those that made the trip. The photos below of Kawau are from the camera of Margo & Jamie Hudson (Lady Crossley).
A selection of classic launches mooched around Waiheke Island & with the weather forecast –  Onetangi Bay was the most popular spot. We had to share it with a rather large number of plastic boats, I think every Rivia in Auckland was there, but for once they behaved & the hum of the gen-sets  was almost bearable 🙂
Waiheke photos ex me (I took a few more ,but they will be ‘Mystery Boat’ posts)

PS If you were away on the boat or at the bach, you may have missed the last 4 ww posts, which featured the boats of Norm Fairlie. Stroll down to enjoy 😉



Somethings wrong here – why is the oldest rowing?

10 thoughts on “A Woody Labour Weekend

  1. Ah Nath and Jase, thought I saw you two lurking about the front at Russell, was great to be in the Bay again – looking at the anchor in 30′ of water and sunny all the time. We saw some huge Jellies across Bream Bay and hit something much bigger at the back of Kawau !!


  2. Don’t let the dinghy Nazis see that pic. Not a lifejacket in sight. Certainly no room left in the bilge to hide them either.


  3. Why is the oldest bloke rowing?
    1: As the old lady said to the youngfella; “There’s no substitute for experience”.
    2: Although what you can do in a rubber ducky can’t really be called ROWING, a fair number of today’s yoof can;t move one of dem t’ings without using an outboard. I’ve heard that rowing instead of motoring can get you blackballed from some of the trendier yot clubs, You’ll never see
    the owner of a nice shiny new Riviera doing anything so common as rowing. 🙂


  4. That’s a great place to be doing the varnishing, whilst out on her in a picturesque bay. Take a swim to wash the sanding dust away.
    Lots of modern variations of varnishes being applied these days but we still enjoy the ease of exactly what you have done are doing, best I don’t say too much on that though.
    I think the barrier has been known to have big jelly fish swim by in the past.
    I hope you got a few scollys and mussels.


  5. Unusually compared to this time last year we saw none.

    Please excuse the varnish, I tried to pick the least obvious shot…. it is mid- sanding back at the moment!


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