Athena – A Peek Down Below

Athena – A Peek Down Below

Todays woody is the 1962, Des Donovan designed / built motor sailer – Athena. She last appeared on WW back in Feb 2019 – link below to that very informative story. Lots of photos, history and comments there.

Thanks to a tme listing we get a look down below. A snap shot – specs – 48’/12’11”/5’5” and powered by a Gardner 127hp diesel.                                                                                          

Her listing fails to mention that she is member of the ‘Submariners Club’ i.e. she has spent time below the waves. She also spent time in the ownership of one Alan Johnson, one of very few people 100% banned from the WW site, but that is another story…..

(photos ex M. Skinner ex trademe)

WW 2019 Story

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