Priccilla – Sailing Sunday

PRICCILLA – Sailing Sunday

A couple of weeks ago WW was contacted by Andre Vanwonderen concerning the yacht – Priccilla – a 32’ Plant Class yacht, designed by Claude A. Smith and built by Allen Smith in 1966.

Can we expand more on this class of yacht, quite a looker. Andre is considering selling – aren’t we all 🙂

Input ex Neil Chalmers – Alan Smith’s Planet class is  similar to North Sea 24 and its smaller sister the Twister both from the well known English designer CR (Kim) Holman. All influenced by the RORC rule.

There is a Sea Spray article on the Planet Class design.

4 thoughts on “Priccilla – Sailing Sunday

  1. Owned Priscilla for more than 20 years Claude Smith design No 66 built by Jim Cross edge butt and glued mahogany.
    Absolutely cracker sailboat with more design attachment to Kim Holman than Buchanan and Illingworth.


  2. Priscilla and the Planet class is from Claude/Alans English period like Buchanan and Illingworth and Primrose prior to moving to more Dick Carter, Sparkman and Stephens style with the Easterly and Pacific 38


  3. Claude Smith / Alan Smith same person also responsible for the Easterly , Pacific 38 and others The Planet class was like Priscilla was in his Buchanan/ Illingworth and Primrose english style period before he went more for the Dick Carter Sparkman and Stephens look.


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