5 thoughts on “Nereides On The Rocks

  1. Kokiri on the bricks? Matatahi on the bricks? Nereides on the bricks? Bit of a theme going on here. Hmm. Are you perchance softening us up for a confession? :- )

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  2. Ooooh owww. Very very sad. One of the nastier places to park up for the day. If I ever knew about this snafu, I’ve long since forgotten. Anyone able to sketch in any background on the cause, salvage and repairs? Was the engine change done because of this?


  3. Re Nereides on the rocks – an interesting yarn.
    A couple of drunken reprobates got on board and cast off, perhaps headed for the South seas?
    Whether it be engine failure or simply drunken navigation, Nereides ended up neatly nestled in a perfect cleavage of rocks on Rangitoto.
    Remarkably, damage was minimal and can be seen today as 2 very short (500mm) replacement planks on the starboard side. The hungover culprits were arrested and Nereides sails on.
    Doug Owens
    MV Nereides


  4. How embarrassing for them — but it hasn’t been hidden forever, now woodys has it.– She is of course a fabulous boat. – KEN R


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