Where Is Manurere

Where Is Manurere

I was contacted yesterday by Leith Menzies regarding the launch Manurere ( Flying Bird) – Leith was only 10 when his extended family owned her, from memory she was approx. 32>34′ and very narrow. I’ll let Leith tell the story:

“Manurere was on the Manukau Harbour, probably moored at Weymouth when owned by Mr. George R. Moore of Papatoetoe. George was my grandfather.

About 1958 she was moved over to a mooring at Kawakawa Bay. In 1959/60, Manurere was purchased by George’s two sons-in-law, Mr. Russell E. Thomas of Meadowbank and Mr. Jock S. Menzies (my father) of Manurewa and moored in Okahu Bay. Both brothers later bought the launch – Lanai. Later my father (Jock) purchased White Cloud and then Charisma, a 36′ Vindex.

In 1961, she was slipped at the Lane Motor Boat Company, Panmure and a (war-surplus) petrol V8 Scripps engine was installed. Soon after Manurere was taken up to Mr. Phil Barton’s Beachhaven boat shed where a bridge deck was added.

We had many enjoyable trips away on Manurere. Eventually she was sold and replaced with Lanai. Later Manurere was used as a long-liner and worked out of the Viaduct. I wonder where she is now?”. My grandfather went on to purchase – William R. She was about a 25 ft woody and kept on a mooring at Weymouth”.

So woodys – can we help Leith out on what became of Manurere and also expand on her details – builder etc

4 thoughts on “Where Is Manurere

  1. My family owned Manurere in the 1960, s. Mum and Dad purchased her from Jock Menzies who went on to be boating friends (Lanai). I have photos of her dated 1965. Dad has passed on, but Mum is still with us and her and I have great memories of holidays (every school holiday and most weekends) on her. Mum thinks we owned her from about 1962 to about 1967. Dad carried on the tradition of using Phil Bartons slip and shed. We had a mooring in Whakatakataka Bay just down from the railway bridge. We kept the “pram” dingy in the boat shed on Tamaki Drive. There was a wooden ramp in the corner of Whakatakataka bay (Now sealed area for boat club) we carried the dingy across the road and then rowed out to her. I remember there was a mooring buoy on the way and dad would lift this and take a pot full of good size mussels off the chain for a feed on the way to our destination. She was powered with a V8 (probably the cause of me being a petrol head) and this motored us all around the Gulf ad further! We would also be keen to know where she ended up! Dad built a 32-foot Woollacott yacht which replaced Manurere. She was called Wayward, we would be keen to learn what ever happened to her. She was eventually sold in the mid 1970,s dad brought the Lanes built Wanda, we had her for 30 or so years! I have a few photos of Manurere if anyone is interested.


  2. MANURERE was built by the Hogan brothers of Ponsonby in late 1919. C.S. Hogan was Commodore of Victoria Cruising Club for much of the 1920s. They still owned her in 1940. Nice motif on the trailboards!!!


  3. She was on the hard at Okahu Bay about 25 years ago and sold to some Russians who were going to do her up, some years later there was a fire, not sure if she survived that.


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