Another One Destined For The Land Fill – Potiki II Saved

Another One Destined For The Land Fill – Saved

A slightly worrying trend that is occurring on trademe is the number of wooden craft that are being offered up in ‘as-is-where-is’ condition with a short time window before they are disposed of. Probably a sign of the times in terms of storage costs and rebuild costs.

Todays wooody was saved, sold for less than $1,000 – lets hope the new owner has plans to restore her and not harvesting for parts / fittings.

Potiki II is 28’ in length, built by JH Young – thats all her tme listing told us. Thanks to Lan McDonald for the heads up.

Just a reminder we have the 38’ Robertson built classic – Katherine at Westhaven this weekend for viewing – 100% turn-key purchase – you’ll be boating this Christmas / NY. + W/haven marina also for sale. Email below for a viewing time.

3 thoughts on “Another One Destined For The Land Fill – Potiki II Saved

  1. Mitchell Hutchings unfortunately your right on all accounts
    We are only new to the wooden boat deal in fact totally new to boats but it’s a great social social occasion in more ways than one
    We can only hope it carries on


  2. A lot of us have watched this increasing trend with some trepidation because it is evidence of a serious decline in the traditional boating life: old wooden boats are not cared for and valued the way they once were. Those of us who do value them are a shrinking percentage of the boating population. The boating population is a shrinking percentage within NZ’s wider population. So many old boats coming up for ‘re-homing’ and so few potential new owners indicates how this is playing out. So many factors from council regulations to new immigrants without a boating culture contribute to this. This FB page and others with a similar motive are a welcome refuge for us. Whether it’s enthusiasts of old boats, aircraft, cars or machinery, we are in decline. We need to stick together. Safety in numbers! Happy weekend.


  3. Parma is still sitting up here all forlorn – hasn’t gone to landfill yet. A really pretty boat, it’d be a shame if she was destroyed. I gather she can be had for next to nothing.


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