Le Reine > Patina


Todays photos were sent in by Mike Mulligan and are of his families old launch Patina which his father sold to buy the launch Ngaranui (tomorrows story) in the 1970’s

The 39’ Patina was built  by Erine Lane at Picton in 1913, from double planked kauri. Lane built her for C.W. Philpotts of the Sounds Motor Launch Co. as a passenger vessel. Originally named La Reine (The Queen). 

As launched she was fitted with a 20hp Bolinder semi-diesel reversing engine. Late she went fishing out of New Plymouth with a Fairbanks- Morse and also spent time in Tauranga. Around this time she was converted to pleasure use.

In Sept 2019 she was for sale at Chaffers marina, Wellington.In Feb 2020 she was still for sale – photos below and here – https://waitematawoodys.com/2020/02/29/patina-2/

(thank to Harold Kidd for early details)

5 thoughts on “Le Reine > Patina

  1. The Auckland ferries, like the Kestrel, originally had triple expansion steam engines, which of course can run in either rotation as required by a double ended vessel. These were replaced by 8 cylinder Crossley diesels which were also reversible. They were started by compressed air so there was a limit to the number of starts and reversals available when berthing. Sometimes under difficult conditions, particularly at Northcote Point, they would run out of air and the ferry would have to heave-to until the donkey engine compressor recharged the tank.


  2. Semi Diesel usualy started on Paraffin untill hot enough to run on Diesel, engine reversed by changing Camshaft direction. The Blackstone engine in the old Baroona was a reversable engine. Look up Narrow Boats with Bolinda engines on You tube and you will get a full demo.


  3. The reason, Landfall, (I am guessing you are not a Kiwi) can be summed up in an old saying…”If you can’t see Rangitoto (a prominent island near Auckland) it is raining,…if you can see it, it is about to rain.”


  4. Ok what’s a semi Deisel reversing engine please the decking question will have to be answered by someone with more knowledge than me


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